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Testim Testosterone Gel Review


Testosterone boosting supplements are designed to help men get back to their younger years. If you are someone who has lost the libido and cannot perform better in the bedroom anymore, then these supplements can help you achieve the results that you are looking for.



Testim Testosterone Gel is considered as a pharmaceutical-grade medication that boosts the testosterone levels in men. This product is developed by Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Hypogonadism is a condition in which the body stops producing adequate testosterone. The product is designed specifically for men who are suffering from hypogonadism. This gel can be prescribed by a certified doctor after taking the necessary blood tests that confirm that you are suffering from low testosterone. We do not recommend synthetic gels and steroids for our readers. This is the major reason why this product did not make it to our list of top testosterone boosters.

Testim Gel is a topical gel that contains testosterone similar to the naturally produced testosterone in the human body. The product is meant for short-term use only. The testosterone in this gel will get absorbed by the skin as soon as it is applied on the surface of your skin. It then enters the bloodstream and increases the testosterone levels while helping you achieve the sexual drive and libido that you have been looking for. As we see with any artificial methods like this, the product does pose health risks.

What are the Benefits?

Testosterone is also administered through gels, patches, injections, and dermal implants. The men who are experiencing problems due to hypogonadism can go for these solutions provided they are ready to compromise on the negative side effects these products are associated with. Hypogonadism causes weight gain, depression, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and fatigue. These conditions can be extremely disappointing if not treated regularly. Testim Gel can help you enjoy the benefits of taking testosterone replacement. The product has been tested for its effectiveness in treating these conditions and symptoms.

Components of Testim Testosterone Gel Review

Some genuine studies have stated that the testosterone present in this gel form can be considered as a better alternative to testosterone patches. This is because it causes less severe skin irritation. A 5g container of Testim Gel comes with 50mg of testosterone. The main active ingredient in this product is testosterone itself. It also includes other ingredients like ethanol, propylene glycol, carbomers, glycerin, pentadecalactone, macrogol, trometamol, and purified water.

The gel is clear and translucent. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin when applied. You can use one whole container each time. The containers are aluminum tubes with screw caps. The gel needs to be applied either on your shoulder or upper arm. Massage the area in a circular motion and leave it to dry. Do not take shower for a good few hours after the application. It is important to wash your hands though. We recommend you to report to your doctor immediately if you start experiencing any side effects after applying Testim Gel.

Very few studies have shown that oral administration of testosterone can fail. This is probably because the user might have consumed the supplement in the wrong doses. Sometimes, the ingredients present in the supplements may not work for a few people. This is why we recommend all our readers to go through the ingredients list thoroughly and read all our supplement reviews deeply before choosing a product. Some of the supplements can also fail to provide benefits because the testosterone gets digested instead of enhancing the production of it in the body. Many people go for alternatives like these topical medications for the very same reason. However, people forget that these alternatives are not natural and they come with their own set of disadvantages that could be fatal.

Overview of Using Testim Testosterone Gel Review


Testim Gel is a prescription based medication that is developed by a company called Ferring Pharmaceuticals. It aims at providing the solution to the men who are suffering from hypogonadism. The benefit of this gel is to see an instant improvement in overall health. It also stimulates the overall functioning of the body that was once compromised due to suboptimal testosterone levels. Although it causes fewer side effects than the testosterone patches, it is extremely important for you to get a doctor's advice before introducing your body to this product. Unfortunately, testosterone replacement therapy does pose some health risks.

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