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Andro400 is a dietary testosterone product which is designed to raise the hormone levels in men that are responsible for the growth of the muscle, increase the sexual desire, and enhancing the overall stamina of the body. Generally, the hormones in men start to deteriorate as they age.



At the age of 40, men begin to notice that their testosterone levels have decreased and this is totally natural. This period is called andropause. Men find it really hard to work out when hormone levels decrease. Thus, gaining a lot of weight around the abdomen while losing the muscle mass on the shoulders, arms, and thighs. This is when men need dietary supplements to ensure that the overall performance of the body is taken care of.
The most distressing part of a man's life is to not be able to have enough performance sexually. Andro400 is a product that is formulated with right doses of ingredients that are known to perform specifically on older males. However, younger men can also benefit out of this product if they are looking to increase their athletic ability and overall performance of the body. Andro400 is a natural supplement which works on boosting your T levels. Now, to accept this claim made by the manufacturer, we need to do our own research and see if this claim could be the truth or not. After our research, we found that this product does not make it to our top 10 list because of various reasons that we will be discussing in this article.

What are the Benefits?

Andro400 is one of least favorite supplements. Although it is made by a popular company and this particular product is essentially being marketed as a way to burn belly fat as well, the product does not meet up to our expectations. The Andro400 website is busy showing many customer testimonials addressing the questions and talking about their experiences while taking this product. However, the formula used in this product tells a different story altogether. The whole formula relies completely and solely on one key active ingredient. The product does not even seem to treat several sexual related conditions as it claims to. The scientific data backing the formula has been missing.

Some kind of clinical proof is available for one or more of the ingredients. Since it is an all-natural product, there are no or minimal side effects. Considering these benefits of this product, you could choose this supplement as your favorite. But these benefits are provided almost every product in the market. Some of the products show better results at better prices too! The product's overall potency is extremely low when compared to a lot of other products that we have been reviewing. If you are taking this product on an individual dose, then it is definitely of no use. It contains only one key ingredient while other similar supplements contain at least 6-8. The product also has a lot of negative user reviews online.

Components of Andro400

Andro400 is created and marketed by Natural Health Solutions. It is an all-natural blend that can safely restore your body's energy and shape by reducing the abdominal fat. It does not cause any harmful side effects at any point in time even if it is being consumed for long durations. It does not interact with other medications

  • A highly potent all-natural botanical extract: Eurycoma Longifolia which is known to improve virility, sexual performance, and mental stamina. It also helps in improving the physical appearance, enhancing the energy levels of the body and balancing the hormones.
  • Prosexual nutrients are also added in the product in order to improve the blood flow. These ingredients also enhance the metabolism of the body while maintaining the penal erections.
Overview of Using Andro400

The manufacturer of Andro400 comes with a history and all the contact details are available online. The doses of the key ingredients have also been disclosed to keep up the transparency. The product provides several benefits with respect to the health of male body and overall performance. The manufacturer has also provided clinical references backing the claims. However, it is pretty unusual for a formula containing very few ingredients to have as many benefits as the manufacturer claims. The product does not do much about the sexual conditions like other male supplements do.

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