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Rule One Whey Blend


The Rule One Whey Protein Blend is a great product overall, with the ample amount of nutrients and protein supplements. The product is slightly imbalanced when compared to other top supplements, but make it up with its overall performance. The slight imbalanced protein formula can be attributed to pricing which is very low and affordable.



Are you on the lookout for a good protein powder that does not burn a hole in your pocket? Well then, you might want to check out our today’s product on the radar. The company Rule One is mostly known for its expensive products. This is because of the high quality of its offerings. However, Rule One Whey Blend is different from the rest of its products, because of its comparatively low price. Rule One has been created for the ones who cannot afford a super, high quality protein. So, let us check it out in detail.

Rule One Whey Blend is a unique protein supplement which promises to help you in lean muscle growth and recovery. The product claims to be of high quality without any side effects. A good protein shake should have the right amount of protein and other muscle building nutrients to aid the process of lean muscle growth. Rule One Protein Powder is one such supplement which promises to fulfill all your protein needs after a good gym session. The product has a good blend of different types of nutrients along with the protein mixture.

The Science Behind Rule One Whey Blend:

A good protein powder supplement should be contain the right mixture of quality ingredients present in right quantity -- to aid the muscle growth and recovery at the same time. The Rule One Whey Blend seems to fulfill that promise with the help of its protein formula and added nutrients.The product contains the right amount of protein isolates to help your body gain lean muscle immediately after a workout session or whenever you use it. The product is very low on the sugar content and fat as well. Thus, it proves to be a quality product without compromising on the benefits.

Components of Rule One Whey Blend

The most important aspect of a protein powder supplement is its protein blend and what it comprises of. In case of Rule One, the protein blend is constituted of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate -- which cannot be considered pure, but still has a great quality when compared to other 90% of the products available in the market. Now, when buying protein powders, always consider one point. There should not be more than 3 ingredients in the protein blend. The two purest forms of protein are whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Ideally, this should be the composition; but that turns out to be expensive. In order to reduce costs, Rule Ones mainly uses whey protein concentrate in its mix -- to lower the price for its customers

The other necessary ingredient is Branched amino acids or BCAAs -- which most of the protein powders do not include in their formula. The Rule One though, contains BCAAs in ample quantity -- which helps in muscle recovery and removal of fat stores to aid the process.

The protein powder contains 2 gm of fat per serving and the calorie count stands at 130 which is low and helpful. The Rule One has 1 gm of sugar and 70 mg of sodium per serving which makes it a great product overall. It also has only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving, which is again quite low. In a nutshell, the product offers a very solid nutrition panel.

Overview of Using Rule One Whey Blend


  • It has 24 grams of protein in every serving.
  • It offers a fairly clean protein blend.
  • The product contains BCAAs in ample amounts.
  • It does not contain any unwanted ingredients.
  • It is effective for recovery and growth.
  • The product tastes great.
  • It is extremely inexpensive.


  • The Product is not among the top-notch ones in the market due to its impure protein blend.

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