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Rule One Protein Powder


The product, with its great protein blend and 6gm of BCAA per serving, proves to be an ideal protein powder in the market. The ingredients are in great sync with each other with zero sugar, zero fat and is free from any kind of side effects. The product is genuinely great and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a great protein powder. What are uses of protein and how we can classify them as top or best protein powder. Check out



What is the rule 1 for any good protein shake?

Yes, the right ingredients in the right quantities. Also, the best input = the best output. Abiding by this thumb rule is our Rule One Protein Powder. Now, how effective is it? Look at our fact-based review to make an informed decision.

Any good supplement product is as good as its ingredients, so in order to determine the effectiveness of the supplement, you need to concentrate on the ingredient part. Rule One Protein Powder promises to contain the right amount of every ingredient to increase the growth of lean muscle and cut all other side effects -- like sugar intake and fat content of the product. A good protein shake should have the right amount of protein and other muscle building nutrients to aid the process of lean muscle growth and the company seems to have delivered on the promises. Rule One has been created by the founders of the company Optimum Nutrition, one of the leading sports nutrition companies in the world. The product claims to have zero fat, zero sugar and is free from any kind of impurity.

The science behind Rule One Protein Powder working:

The Rule One Protein formula keeps the basics straight. It uses the purest form of protein which are isolates and hydro isolates. Along with the protein, it also contains a good amount of BCAA or amino acids. It has been noticed that most of the protein powders in the market skip the use of amino acids or use it to negligible effect. BCAAs or branched amino acids aid the process of muscle growth and also helps in the providing sufficient energy to your muscle. The other set of nutrients present in the Rule One Protein Powder also aids the process of fast and lean muscle growth -- which we will discuss in detail in the ingredients section. The use of protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate is exemplary and revolutionary as well.

Components of Rule One Protein Powder

The Rule One Protein Powder contains 25gm of protein per serving -- which is quite a good amount for the muscle growth and recovery after a workout session. It is the perfect blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate -- to ensure the best results.

The product -- along with its protein blend -- is also constituted of BCAAs which are essentially missing from most of the protein powders available in the market. The BCAA helps your body in muscle recovery and Rule One Comprises of 6 gm of BCAAs of 18 different types in every serve. These amino acids not only support muscle recovery and growth, but also help in cutting fat content in the muscle. BCAAs use the fat stores in your body as energy fuels during workout -- thus promoting lean muscle growth in a healthy and natural way.

The Rule One Protein Powder also contains added glutamine which has been proven to increase protein metabolism. Glutamine has also been shown to increase human growth hormones which are essential for a better and long workout session.

Rule One does not have any impure forms of protein, fat, sugar, high carbs, high sodium, and high cholesterol. This leads to pure muscle gain, without any gain in fat. After all, a clean formula is a lean formula.

So, the ingredients of the Rule One are on point and at part with the standard one.

Overview of Using Rule One Protein Powder


  • Rule One contains no fat.
  • It has zero amount of sugar.
  • It is low in carbohydrates.
  • It has negligible calories.
  • The product uses Whey Protein isolates and hydrolysate.
  • It gives over 6 gm of BCAAs per serving.


  • The product is slightly overpriced when compared to its competitors.

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