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When it comes to supplements, you have a number of options available. But watching closely most of them contain the same generics ingredients are made in the same mass manufacturing factories. That’s the reason why they all taste the same and the results are also more or less the same.



Whenever a plant-based supplement is prepared a lot of nutrition is left behind. Plant fusion is the pioneers to preserve those nutritional values, their natural taste and texture and come in so many flavours which are seldom seen in health products. The peculiarity of plant fusion is that it is completely plant-based and a single shake has more nutrition than that you would otherwise get in the whole day.

The Plant Fusion was developed by two guys Phil Vigeant and Grey Cooper, both of them were already a part of the health industry and frustrated on their inability to find an ingredient rick protein shake. So they came together and sworn on to develop a health supplement which is prepared from nutrition rich plants and are free from allergens and easy to digest.

What are the Benefits?
Pros of PlantFusion

There are a lot of benefits of PlantFusion. Here is a detailed information on the same.

  • High in Protein – Every single serving of PlantFusion contains 21g of proteins in 120 calories and has just 4g of carbohydrates and 2g of fats. This is very unusual for a pure vegan protein powder which otherwise tends to be higher in carbohydrates as well.
  • Transparent labelling – The labelling of Plant Fusion is very informative and transparent. It provides detailed information on how much amino acids you will get with each scoop and also provides information about Glutamine.
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives – This is a very rare and remarkable feature of PlantFusion. Besides, there is no contamination from allergens or animal products. It is a pure vegan protein and free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, fish or whatsoever. This doesn’t carry much importance to people who don’t have any allergies or don’t mind their vegan product made along with the animal products but for some people who do have these concerns, this is the best option.
  • A lot of Enzymes - This improves on the digestion and also makes sure that the nutrients are properly absorbed in the body.
Cons of PlantFusion

Just like every coin has two sides, even PlantFusion has some downsides. Let’s have a look at the same.

  • No vitamins or minerals – Knowing that this product is full of a pea, artichoke, quinoa, amaranth it was expected that the supplement would contain some Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Though it is understood that getting the same from plant-based diets could actually get tricky.
  • Little too expensive – The PlantFusion is available for $30 per tub of 15 servings which means $2 per serving with 21g of proteins or you can say 9.5 cents per gram of protein. This could go down to 8 cents if you buy a bigger tub but still it is expensive compared to other products in the market which come at roughly 5-6 cents per gram of protein.
Components of PlantFusion

There are two major ingredients of PlantFusion

  • PlantFusion Amino Acids infused protein blend - This is made from pea protein isolate, artichoke protein, Organic sprouted Quinoa powder and organically sprouted amaranth powder. It is also additionally provided that it contains 4.5gm of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and 3.35 gms of Glutamine.
  • PlantFusion Proprietary Enzyme Blend – It is made up of bromelain and Alpha galactosidase along with other naturally occurring enzymes.
  • The other minor ingredients include fructose, stevia, silica, natural vanilla and guar gum.

PlantFusion is a complete plant protein. Each serving od PlantFusion gives 120 calories and contains 21g of proteins, 4g carbohydrates and 2g of fats.

Overview of Using PlantFusion


Though it is a little expensive and lacks vitamins and fibres, the product otherwise has a lot of things you can go for. Most importantly it is a 100% vegan product and free from allergens and animal products contamination. Besides the digestive enzymes would facilitate the absorption of the nutrients in the body.

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