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Myotein Protein Powder


The Myotein Protein powder is a good supplement product with small areas to improve. The product helps you to gain quick lean muscle mass without any side effects and could be used by anybody. The protein blend does contain 5 different types, but a more pure blend would have been better. What are the things we should look over before buying any protein supplement.



How about introducing a new entrant in the market for protein powders? Well, this is what we are going to do today.

As you know, any good supplement product is as good as its ingredients. So, in order to determine the effectiveness of the supplement, you need to concentrate on the ingredient part. Myotein Protein Powder promises to deliver the right amount of every ingredient to increase the growth of lean muscle and cut all other side effects like sugar intake and fat content of the product. A good protein shake should have the right amount of protein and other muscle building nutrients to aid the process of lean muscle growth and the company seems to have delivered on the promises. The product claims to have a very limited amount of sugar and fat and is free from any kind of impurity.

The Science Behind Myotein Protein Working:

A good protein supplement is only as good as its ingredients and that holds true in case of Myotein Protein Powder. The product uses quality ingredients present in the right quantity to naturally aid the process of muscle growth and recovery. A good supplement contains a great protein blend which should be pure protein and in the form of isolates and hydrolysates -- which are quickly absorbed by the body and increase the rate of lean muscle growth. The product should also contain BCAAs and other nutrients to aid the muscle growth process and help you recover the sore muscles quickly for an effective workout session.

Components of Myotein Protein Powder

The protein blend of Myotein can be called average, if not great. The website for the product claims to use 5 different types of protein in its blend which includes whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein isolate, colostrum, and micellar casein. For many, this might seem a great deal, as the number of proteins use is quantitatively high, but a pure and good protein blend must only have isolates and hydrolysates.

The one unique ingredient that Myotein uses is hydroxyecdysone, which has been proven to increase protein synthesis and thus results in a more rapid rate of muscle growth.

The major drawback of the product lies in the limited quantity of BCAAs or Branched Amino Acids. These acids are responsible for muscle recovery and aid the lean muscle growth but Myotein only has limited amounts of BCAAs present. It, in fact, contains glutamine, but it does not have any other category of branched chain amino acids -- apart from the ones that are naturally present. Added BCAAs are important for the effectiveness of any protein powder.

The sodium count of the product stands at 120 mg per serving which again is unnecessarily high. cholesterol levels stand at a mere 27 mg which is a good thing.

Overview of Using Myotein Protein Powder


  • It contains 2 quality proteins.
  • It contains hydroxyecdysone.
  • It has glutamine.
  • The product has low calories.
  • It contains low fat.
  • It has fairly low sugar.


  • The product contains low amount of BCAAs.
  • Sodium is slightly high.
  • Carbohydrate count is slightly high.

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