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ISO HD Protein Powder


The ISO HD Protein Powder checks all the points in the list to be called as a perfect supplement protein shake. It has a well-formulated blend of isolates and hydro-isolates -- in order to promote lean and fast muscle growth, without the extra calories. The sugar and fat content of the product is as low as it gets. Overall it is a perfect protein supplement for your body.



“Feed me”, yes, this is what your muscle tissues scream right after a tough workout session. So, what do you need? The answer lies in a good, fast-absorbing, and effective protein powder. The product we are going to dissect today in detail is the ISO HD Protein Powder. Come, take a look with us about this mix in greater detail.

As you must already know, protein shakes have become a trend in the current generation of gym-going men and women. A good protein shake should have the right amount of protein and other muscle building nutrients -- to aid the process of lean muscle growth. ISO HD Protein Powder -- created by one of the most widely known names in sports nutrition, BPI Sports -- is one such supplement which promises to fulfill all your protein needs after a good gym session. The protein powder promises to be beneficial for both men and women. The ISO HD Protein is considered one of the top supplement because of its pure, fast-digesting, clean protein powder.

The science behind ISO HD Protein Powder working:

A good protein supplement should aid your workout and help you gain lean muscle naturally. The high absorbing blend of the product promotes muscle growth as soon as you take it after a post workout session. Your body’s anabolic window generally depends on your mindset as it has been evident that people want to drink their protein shake right after the workout. ISO HD Protein stands out from the rest due to its pure protein formula and along with other nutrients which aid the process of lean muscle growth. One should be careful about the nutrients as some protein shakes or high-fat content may lead to a flabby body. Any supplement is only as good as its ingredients. So let us take a look at the ingredients of ISO HD Protein Powder.

Components of ISO HD Protein Powder

ISO HD Protein mainly comprises of a Protein Blend and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

The protein blend consists of isolates and hydro isolates which get absorbed and broken down in our body very rapidly. Protein isolates are the purest form of protein and when it gets hydrolyzed in our body, it becomes hydro isolates which get absorbed even faster. Thus a pure form of protein which consists in the form of isolates and gets converted through hydrosilylation -- which leads to muscle growth and also promotes muscle recovery in record time.

As for BCAA, the ISO HD Protein has valine, leucine, and isoleucine -- all of which are vital in the functioning of your muscles. It also promotes muscle energy and strength. While several protein powders do not have enough naturally occurring BCAAs, others lack in including sufficient added BCAAs. BCCAs are important -- as they have been proven to fasten the process of muscle growth. They boost muscle endurance and this is why taking a BCAA supplement before and/or during your workout is highly recommended.

Apart from the protein and amino acids, other nutrients content of the supplement matters as much and ISO HD Protein checks all those requirements. It has only 1 gm of fat and 1 gm of sugar per serving. With only 120 calories per serving, it does not lead to gaining fat or muscle that isn’t lean enough. As a result, your body does not look flabby.

Overview of Using ISO HD Protein Powder


  • It helps in the growth of lean muscle.
  • The product is only constituent of isolates and hydro isolates which are a pure form of protein.
  • The protein gets absorbed and digested quickly.
  • The quantity of fat and sugar per serving is very low.
  • The product is ideal for both men and women.


  • The product can’t be a substitute for meals as it doesn’t have enough calories.

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