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PreSeries BULK Pre Workout


Overall, it’s an impressive supplement with an effective list of ingredients. The interesting fact is, it’s designed for those looking to start bulking. And there aren’t many pre-workouts designed specifically for that. A training session should be a cognitive experience between mind, muscle and machine and PreSeries BULK truly provides the fuel necessary to make it happen. Furthermore, when stacked with the other products from Transparent Labs, it is sure to make an impact. So, our recommendation, give it a try!



Just started working out in gym? Then you need an apt supplement that does justice to your workout. And nothing suits best than PreSeries BULK. It is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Transparent Labs and is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat. With 100% formula transparency and a potent Testosterone Support complex (vitamin D3 and zinc), PreSeries BULK is most effective for nascent gym goers looking to gain size and increase muscle mass. Each serving exceeds 21 grams and includes 19 active ingredients that are designed to increase nitric oxide (pump) and focus while working out, reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, all while enhancing overall physical performance. Let’s know this supplement a little more.

What are the Benefits?
  • Bulk is 4X Your Normal Pre Workout
  • Specifically Designed For Muscle Gain
  • Limitless Energy Complex
  • Increased Testosterone levels
Components of PreSeries BULK Pre Workout

PreSeries Bulk doesn’t contain any properietary blends – so you know exactly what you’re getting. Let’s have a detailed look at the key ingredients:

Testosterone Complex – Boosts testosterone levels as the name suggests

Vitamin D3 – Another primary ingredient of this supplement, Vitamin D3 is proven to contribute to bone health and maintain bone density. It has been proven to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, leading to greater bone density and decreased bone pain. It also aids in weight loss and fat metabolism. As you age and your testosterone levels drop, it is important to protect your bones from weakening, and that is exactly what vitamin D3 does. It also works best for vegetarians who are at an increased risk of low Vitamin D3 levels, so adding a supplement containing a high amount of Vitamin D3 to their diet is very important.

Zinc – A vital mineral for luteinizing hormone boosting testosterone production. Known to boost the body so it can have the right amount of energy to perform better.

Citrulline Malate - A key pre workout ingredient, Citrulline Malate is proven to deliver intense muscle pumps. It turns into L-Arginine in your kidneys, which raises your nitric oxide levels. From there, your blood vessels dilate and your blood flow increases – resulting in enhanced muscle pumps while you lift weights.

BCAAs – Branched chain amino acids are an absolute necessity for proper muscle growth and recovery. BCAAs also increase the rate of protein synthesis for fast muscle building. They’ve also been shown to increase fat burning and metabolism, as well as decreasing muscle soreness. Not only that, but they can help protect your muscles from being broken down during cutting season.

Betaine - Known to help enhance strength, power and muscle mass through boosting your muscle protein synthesis, as well as promoting fat loss.

Taurine - This is an organic acid containing sulfur, and is most commonly used to reduce cramping.

L-Theanine - Enhances the benefits of Caffeine without increasing the risks of side effects like jitters or energy crashes.

Caffeine - One of the most beneficial and safe ingredients to have in a pre workout. Caffeine improves strength, endurance, and focus

Synephrine – Boosts fat loss

Overview of Using PreSeries BULK Pre Workout
  • Contains ‘smart-caffeine’ combo
  • Optimal dose of Citrulline Malate
  • No proprietary blends. Fully disclosed label
  • Increased energy
  • No usage of dyes
  • Increases endurance and improves focus
  • Improves blood flow in the body
  • Contains T-boosting ingredients that increases testosterone level
  • Price is slightly on the higher side
  • Doesn’t taste all that good
  • Can’t buy it from the retailers. Have to purchase it online
  • Optimal amount of Citrulline Malate – which is a key ingredient for any pre workout supplement

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