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C4 Pre Workout


Now what’s the duty of an ideal pre-workout supplement? Of course to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. And C4 Pre Workout is designed to this and lots more. The supplement also creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat. So, our recommendation, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.



Getting prepared physically before hitting the gym is not an easy thing to do, considering the tasks you take care of throughout the day leave you exhausted. But after a tough day, engaging in some workouts is also the appropriate way to kick off some stress and anxiety. Having said that, it’s also necessary to pump yourself up with the right kind of supplement before hitting those machines in the gym. The right kind of supplement will not only provide you with increased energy but will help you make best use of the time you spent in the gym. Produced by Cellucor, here’s presenting C4 Pre Workout. This pre workout is used to increase mental alertness and focus, endurance, overall energy levels and keep you dialled in to your workout. Available in a host of unique flavors such as: Strawberry Margarita, Pink Lemonade, Orange Dreamsicle, Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Strawberry Kiwi, the C4 supplement line appeals to a variety of users.

What are the Benefits?

Cellucor C4 has to be taken 30 minutes before a workout. It is enough time to give the ingredients some time to begin saturating the vital muscle tissues before you hit the weights. Cellucor C4 offers the following benefits within a short time.

  • Helps to get that vital burst of energy or power, required for a heavy workout session
  • Increased muscle pump when working out
  • Helps in longer and more intense workouts
  • Increased fat metabolism
Components of C4 Pre Workout

Beta Alanine – This is one of the most recognized ingredients that you will find in any reputed pre-workout supplement. C4 Pre Workout is no different. It has the ability to increase endurance as well as performance. This means that your muscles can perform more optimally and for a longer period of time and combat fatigue.

Creatine nitrate – This is known to improve strength and power during strenuous activities like weight training. It increases intramuscular water retention hence provide a small increase in overall muscle fullness in those who respond well to it.

L-Arginine – This component, an essential amino acid consists of A-AKG, A-KIC and HCL, all of which helps in protein synthesis, aids in the release of growth hormone resulting in effective muscle growth. L-Arginine also promotes the metabolism of fat allowing the muscle to become lean.

Caffeine Anhydrous- Caffeine is by far the most potent performance-boosting ingredient. It works by stimulating the CNS for improved energy, focus and alertness. It delays the onset of muscle fatigue and reduces the perception of muscular discomfort during training sessions.

L-Tyrosine: This is a non-essential amino acid that is an important building block for protein. Its reaction in your body helps create the neurotransmitter dopamine in your body, in addition to other hormones. Because this ingredient helps in the production of dopamine, it also can have positive effects on focus and other mental and physical stimulations.

Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline - It is not a muscle builder in itself, but it is believed to improve both cognitive power and physical power output.

This explosive energy blend, composed of about six different ingredients, helps in the delivery of massive boost of energy in the body, so as to workout longer and harder. They include;

Niacin- This compound is responsible for the improvement of blood flow to muscles by dilating blood vessels. It also helps reduce LDL cholesterol.

Vitamin C- This serves the purpose of converting dopamine into norepinephrine (the stress hormone that stimulates heart rate and is the cause of the fight-or-flight syndrome).

Folic Acid- Helps in the formation of new cells that are useful for improvement.

Vitamin B6- It produces the active form of pyridoxal phosphate that enhances the body’s energy, repair damaged muscle and increase growth hormone. Also it helps to suppress estrogen levels while simultaneously boosting the production of testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens - Increases the brain’s capacity to produce neurotransmitters and protein.

Vitamin B12- Vitamin B12 helps with the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Overview of Using C4 Pre Workout
  • Improves blood flow in the body
  • Ingredients in Cellucor C4, proven scientifically to help in increasing energy levels before a workout
  • Increases endurance and improves focus
  • Solid doses of Caffeine, Creatine Nitrate and Beta Alanine
  • Tastes great and has a bunch of flavours to pick from
  • Vitamin C may have antioxidant effect
  • The supplement is easy and absolutely safe to intake
  • Contains a proprietary blend, so difficult to estimate the right measure of the ingredients
  • Contains artificial flavours and sweeteners
  • The price is slightly higher

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