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NooCube is without a doubt, one of the best brain supplements available in the market. Its great proprietary blend pushes it forward from its competitors. The potency rate of each ingredient is great too and thus makes it one of the most effective supplements, without any side effects. Results are fast and guaranteed, making it one of the top performers in our list.



A smart way to upgrade your mind -- yes, nootropics. Flooding the market in this realm is NooCube -- the supplement under our review today. So, what is it?

Noocube is a brain or performance enhancing supplement, with a great combination of ingredients and has a good potency rate in its mixture. The product ingredients are all clinically proven and tested. It helps you maintain your energy levels throughout the day and enhances your cognitive performance. The product mainly depends on its proprietary mixture, which has been prepared from different kinds of ingredients -- that are all natural and scientifically proven to be free from any harmful side effects. The company is putting its weight on the years of research and the proprietary blend which they have created as a result of these research. The company has put in a total of seven key ingredients in this brain-aid supplement and seems to have done something which many have failed to do over the years.

The science behind NooCube’s working:

A good supplement is as good as its ingredients they say. NooCube has opted for the same path. The main science behind NooCube’s working lies in its proprietary blend or its mixture of ingredients -- which enhances your brain's working capabilities by keeping it alert and stress-free all the time. The main game lies in the use and extraction of ingredients. Over the years, many other companies have been trying to formulate the ingredients and make it into a blend to create a successful product. Alas, only a few have succeeded in getting the formula right; Noocube being one of them. The company has chosen seven naturally occurring ingredients and provided a right dosage and figured out the right combination to make it a successful product. The other factor that has been working in its favor is the fact that all these ingredients have scientific studies behind it to back its claim. The product promises to be free from any kind of side effects too.

NooCube does not alter your brain with harsh chemicals. It impacts the neurotransmitters in your brain. Neurotransmitters are natural chemicals in the brain that help your brain send messages. Faster the speed, faster is your ability to process information. Noocube stimulates the neurotransmitters and hence boosts your brain performance.

Components of NooCube

The ingredients of a supplement play a major role in determining the quality of the product. NooCube is one such product which boasts of a great blend and high potency rate.

The ingredients include alpha GPC – responsible for increasing the neurotransmitter named acetylcholine in your brain. This acetylcholine, in turn, helps your memory power and concentration.

Huperzine A works along with alpha GPC to increase the productivity of acetylcholine and decreases its breakdown rate and in combination they prove magical.

Bacopa helps your brain to repair damaged neurons, thereby resulting in improved communication.

The presence of oat straw increases the activity in your brain. It also functions as a cognitive booster and increases blood supply to the brain, thereby increasing alpha-2 brain waves. The latter helps you to be awake, alert, and attentive.

Then there is cat’s claw which helps you to destroy radicals or unnecessary molecules that obstruct effective brain function and neuron communication. Elimination of these radicals opens up your mental space and allows for faster and clearer communication.

L-theanine and L-tyrosine –are both amino acids. L-theanine is an amino acid which reduces stress, stimulates neurotransmission, promotes relaxation, and enhances alertness. The two ingredients promote optimal brain function even during elevated stress levels and sleep deprivation.

Overview of Using NooCube


  • NooCube has a great combination of seven ingredients all clinically proven.
  • It increases the synthesis of neurotransmitters.
  • It destroys disruptive or unnecessary molecules.
  • It has no known side effects.


  • NooCube may lead to sleeplessness if taken late at night.

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