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Brain Pill


Overall, Brain Pill is a good nootropic supplement with clinical study and scientific backup. The product seems to work as advertised and is considered very effective. The product is all natural and has a great potency rate too. The Brain Pill slightly costlier than its competitors, but we think it is worth it.



Athletes and fitness addicts use supplements for that perfect body. And now, there is another product that promises the perfect brain. Yes, nootropics. One of these brain boosters that has been claiming to be true to its promises is the Brain Pill. So let us find out more about it.

Brain Pill is a fairly new entrant in the Nootropic or brain aided supplement field. It has been making quite a buzz in the industry with its all natural ingredient formula and has a scientific study to back up its claim. The product uses the right quality of ingredients present in appropriate quantity, thus making it very effective in its claim. Any supplement product is only good if it uses the right mixture of quality ingredients, which are present in a good quantity -- to be effective and working. Brain Pill seems to follow the same formula and give out the desired result. Many supplements fail despite having quality ingredients, because it doesn’t have a good blend of quality and quantity. Let us find out how exactly does brain pill work?

The science behind Brain Pill working:

Any supplement is considered a good nootropic if it helps you to keep refreshed and focused for a longer period of time -- with the help of its ingredients and without any major side effects. Brain Pill seems to do all that, thus making it among the top nootropic supplements available in the market. The main ingredients of the Brain Pill are extracted from plants, thus making it all natural and then these ingredients are made into a blend. The ingredients simulate and help neurotransmitters to function vividly and more efficiently. Some of the neurotransmitters present in Brain Pill are Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine.

Components of Brain Pill

A nootropic supplement is only as good as its ingredients.

The composition of Brain Pill contains cognizin, a naturally occurring stress eliminator to keep you focused and concentrated. It prevents you from distractions, thereby enabling you to focus more.

It has got synapsa, an ingredient to keep your memory levels elevated and boosted. This helps you to memorize more and with better efficiency. It also increases your information recalling speed, which is very effective during an exam or while giving an important presentation.

It contains huperzia serrata, which keeps your neurons alert and active when you need it. This ingredient is responsible for the production of neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps in maintaining alertness and focus. However, it is broken down by the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Huperzia serrata prevents this breakage, thereby keeping you focused for longer durations.

The presence of vinpocetine regulates blood flow to your brain, thus keeping it awake and active for longer period of time. More blood flow means more nutrient delivery to the brain, and hence more effective functioning.

The other ingredient includes ginkgo biloba -- an intelligence booster for your mind. It improves your memory, thereby increasing your power to retain more information. This is turn leads to improved intelligence.

The last ingredient is phosphatidylserine -- which aids you in deriving meaning and developing your own understanding. This is necessary for enhanced processing and better recalling power.

This set of ingredients is all naturally occurring and scientifically proven to backup the claims. Thus Brain pill contains the quality ingredients in good quantity to make it more effective.

Overview of Using Brain Pill


  • The formula or blend used is very diverse.
  • Most of the ingredients are natural and scientifically proven.
  • The potency rate of the product is very high.
  • It has been endorsed by industry experts.


  • A couple of key ingredients are missing.
  • It slightly overpriced when compared to other products.

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