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Addys Focus


The Addys Focus supplement has got its basics right. With the use of clinically proven ingredients and a patent pending for its proprietary blend, it makes for one of the top supplements in this category. From the feedback we have received, the product seems to work as advertised and without any kind of side effects.



Have you heard about the ADHD syndrome? With a promise to decrease symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder namely ADHD, is our today’s review of this brain supercharger. It promises to increase your focus and elevate concentration levels through an optimal blend of premium ingredients. Addys Focus gives you the complete list of ingredients along with proper dosage information -- quite rare in the nootropics market. But how true are its claims? Read our fact-based review for an unbiased decision.

Addys Focus is a supplement for your brain. It is distributed by Better Health, which also sells a number of nutritional supplements. It helps you to keep focused for a longer period of time. The main ingredient of the product is green coffee bean -- which is a raw form of coffee and is different from the regular coffee. This is the sense that, the one we are using at our home or restaurants are all roasted. Roasting the coffee kills most of its nutrients and so the amount of energy is short lived. Addys Focus uses raw coffee beans as its main ingredient and they are claiming to have discovered a formula which helps them to derive 100 percent of the extracts. This leads to an elongated period of energy level, ranging from six to eight hours. It is a substitute for ADHD / ADD -- a prescription drug with lots of side effects. So it was only wise and about time that someone manufactured a substitute product with clinically proven ingredients.

The science behind Addys Focus working

Addys focus is a supplement product which has been manufactured to keep you focused and concentrated for a longer period of time. The main science behind its working lies in its ingredient. The use of whole green coffee powder is game-changing, as normal roasted coffee beans only provide you with a brief burst of energy. The original green coffee bean, on the other hand, is laced with five essential acids, caffeine, and various nutrients. Addys Focus has a patent pending regarding its proprietary blend which it uses in the Addys Focus. The raw green coffee bean undergoes a process to utilize 100% of the nutrients present. The proprietary blend after going through a complicated process is encapsulated and then sent out in the market. The main secret of its success lies in the time-bound release of nutrients in your body for a longer period of time -- roughly for six to eight hours, all because of the revolutionary WGCA extraction process.

Components of Addys Focus

Addys includes a blend of 14 different ingredients -- which are basically nootropic compounds that are found in various other nootropics as well. Each ingredient is accompanied by its specific dosage information.

The Addys Focus is considered to be one of the finest supplements out in the market. Thanks to its secret proprietary blend, the Addys Focus group scores really high on the ingredient front.

Apart from raw green coffee beans, other ingredients include.

L-tyrosine – which reduces physical and mental fatigue.

Ginkgo biloba – increases the rate of oxygen flow to your brain, keeping your brain more alert and fresh.

Phenylalanine – increases the production of chemicals in your brain which aids in concentration.

Piracetam –helps you to retain more information and also aids the general functioning of the brain.

Ginseng – this ingredient helps you to memorize information and helps to keep your energy levels elevated.

Caffeine –it helps you to give you a boost of energy and aids your alertness in the working premises or school or gym.

Overview of Using Addys Focus


  • Addys Focus increases your focus and concentration.
  • All the ingredients are clinically proven.
  • The product comes with no side effects.
  • It leads to improved energy levels, stamina, and concentration.
  • It gives you the benefits of Adderall without the additional side effects.


  • Caffeine can be a problem to those with an allergy for the same.
  • It is not suitable for heart patients.

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