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Stealth Mass Gainer


All in all, Stealth Gainer would have been on the higher side of the ranking graph if its carb to protein ratio was more closer to the perfect 1.5:1, along with a pure protein profile. It is a good option if you are willing to bypass these minor downsides. It is a great option for your next bulk cycle. With quality ingredients, you can witness some nice gains within a couple of weeks.



Looking to witness some solid gains? Meet one of the top rated muscle gainers from the repertoire of products for fitness freaks -- the Stealth Mass Gainer.

As you know, mass gaining is a process that involves much more than just eating large amounts of food. Your body requires the exact amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates -- which are supplied through supplements. This is where mass gainers come in. We would recommend to take a serving of a reputed mass gainer, along with apt servings of foods for your protein needs. Supplements might increase your daily calorie intake, but might not provide the required quantity of protein. Hence, the complete mass diet is important. A mass gainer offers you energy supply for a long period of time and helps in muscle growth as well as muscle repair. Now, when we speak of gainers, you need to know about its complete list of pros and cons. After thorough research, you should include one in your fitness regime. Here is where our fact based research comes to your rescue.

For building mass and gaining strength -- one of the go to products in the fitness industry is the Stealth Mass Gainer. Straight from the leaders of the sports nutrition industry -- VPX Sports -- and its exhaustive, established line of products is Stealth Mass Gainer. This impressive product has a mix of ingredients with a carb to protein ratio of 1.65:1. While the benchmark is 1.5:1, the ratio is almost near to perfect. It is quite effective for building lean muscle mass since the calorie content is only 545 cal per serving.

What are the Benefits?
  • It is quite effective in gaining mass if used as a post workout shake. It is recommended not to use it as a meal replacement though
  • Stealth is effective in ensuring solid mass gains and in boosting strength
  • With seven different types of protein, Stealth Gainer is a bit less effective than its counterparts
  • According to reviews from people who used it, it has been rated as fairly effective
  • With 280 mg of sodium, the product is good on the taste side -- as evident from the history of VPX products. You can try the vanilla and cream flavors
Components of Stealth Mass Gainer

Not only this, with only 5 grams of fat, 3 grams of sugar, and 70 mg of cholesterol per serving, its nutrition profile is exceptional.

Protein mix: The protein mix comprises multiple types of milk protein, whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolase, and micellar casein. This can be a downside as the strict recommendation usually involves only whey protein isolate -- the purest form of protein. This mass gainer would have been ranked higher, had its carb to protein ratio been 1.5 to 1 and the protein profile a bit more clean.

As you already know, hydrolases are proteins, broken down into small amino acid chains. As a result, they are ready to use by your body after consumption.

Carbohydrates: Glucose, isomaltulose, and waxy maize -- these are the three types of carbohydrates in Stealth. It is one of the best compositions for post workout carbs. The glucose in the mixture helps to spike up your insulin levels, which in turn leads to breakdown of nutrients by your muscle cells. You also get the required quantity of amino acids and creatine.

Creatine: Stealth gives you a good source of creatine -- such as a good mix of creatine nitrate and creatine magnesium chelate. The former boosts strength like no other. It also has creatine gluconate -- which is bonded to glucose for better absorption. Other creatine variants comprise creatine monohydrate and creatinol-o-phosphate. The latter is believed to improve your body's ability for forced muscle contractions. To round up the list, Stealth also comes with certain percentages of beta alanine and EFA.

Overview of Using Stealth Mass Gainer


  • Near perfect ratio of carb to protein
  • Low calorie, sodium, sugar & fat count


  • Mix of 7 different proteins makes it a bit impure

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