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Pro Complex Gainer


It is surely recommended, owing it the premium quality and effectiveness of Pro Complex Mass Gainer. Although it has a bit of unnecessary ingredients, it won't affect your health much. Several users have rated it as one of the best mass builders that money can buy. It comes with several ingredients that your body needs to gain mass. Pro Gainer is a simple, clean, and effective supplement, that even mixes easily and makes for a shake with a delicious taste. The awesome nutrition label and history of ON stand are other factors that compel you to go for this one.



What do you think is one of the most important factors to judge a muscle gainer? Calories per serving? Well, the answer is no. And why so? Because, when your aim is to gain lean mass, not all calories are created equal.

Whereas, typical weight gain formulas are loaded with simple sugars and fat, we have one product that derives a high percentage of its calories from several protein sources. Optimum Nutrition offers you the premium Pro Complex Gainer. Optimum Nutrition aka ON has been leading the fitness market for innovative, affordable, and effective products, since 1987. They have also been honored with several prestigious awards in their 25 years of being in the market. In fact, ON has gained the name of developing some of best, premium, and finest product lines available today.

Pro Complex Gainer is an improvement over their previously famous Serious Mass. With the evolution in the ideal formula for a mass gainer, Serious Mass has almost become obsolete as a product among users. As we know, the reputed Optimum Nutrition (ON) offers products which are of excellent quality and come with top site rankings. The major factor for this reputation is their authentic and amazing nutrition labels.

What are the Benefits?
  • You can see effective mass gains within a quick span of time
  • The slightly excessive amount of a few ingredients might not affect your weight gain much. However, owing to the quantities of calories and fat on the label, you might slightly gain some fat
  • Pro Complex Gainer contains zero creatine, which is both a positive and a negative aspect
Components of Pro Complex Gainer

Pro Complex Gainer offers you a complex mix of carbohydrates, dietary fibre, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), digestive enzymes, vitamins, and essential minerals -- along with awesome taste. Quality over quantity, getting huge over becoming fat -- these two principles formed the sole basis of creating this premium mass gainer.

Proteins: The inevitable factor to consider in mass gainers is absolutely their carb to protein ratio -- ideally 1.5 to 1. Pro Complex comes with a ratio of 1.4 to 1 -- with 85 grams of carbs and 60 grams of protein in each serving. Our maximum digestible protein consumption limit at one go is 50 grams. So this amount can count a bit on the higher side.

Calories: Moreover, there are 650 calories in every serving, which is again a little excessive. The fat percentage is 8 grams in every serving, which is pretty low. With only 60 mg of cholesterol and 5 grams of sugar in every serving, Pro Complex is healthier than most of its counterparts.

The protein profile comprises whey protein isolate and concentrate, along with calcium caseinate and egg albumen. Since it is not entirely whey isolate, the mix is a bit impure.

Carbohydrates: Each serving of Pro Complex offers 85 grams of carbohydrates and 4 to 5 grams of fibre. It also contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and other energy dense lipids.

Micronutrients: Your body requires various vitamins and minerals during the growth process. The good news is, each serving Pro Complex Gainer provides 26 vitamins and essential minerals.

Overview of Using Pro Complex Gainer


  • ON is renowned for its premium range of products
  • Perfect carb to protein ratio with quality sources of proteins such as maltodextrin
  • Minimal cholesterol count
  • Good reviews from users
  • With 360 mg of sodium per serving, this product tastes amazing -- especially the chocolate flavor


  • Impure blend of proteins
  • Slightly excessive quantity of calories and fats

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