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The Zantrex 3 is an above average product, if not among the best. The product seems to deliver on its promises but the only issue we have with it is, that it does not disclose the exact ingredients and their respective quantities in its proprietary blend. It also comes with some side effects, which are slightly less in the blue bottle. So we would recommend you to go for this version, if at all you decide to buy this product.



As soon as a product starts getting popular in the market, it becomes our job to decide whether it deserves all the attention it gets. A good fat burner supplement is supposed to cut the fat stores present in your body with the aid of its ingredients and does not have any harmful side effects. The product which I am going to talk about is Zantrex 3, which is creating a lot of buzz in the current market.

This product promises to deliver on the ground as it has advertised. The ingredient quotient in the product seems to be balanced and the potency rate is fine too. A good fat burner utilizes its ingredients to aid the process of Thermogenesis to help you lose the fat cells stored in your body. The thermogenic process increases the internal body temperature of your body. Your body will naturally try to resist this change by using the fat stores in the form of energy to cool down your body to its natural temperature.

The science behind Zantrex 3 working

A good fat burning substitute is the one which uses its ingredients in a well and formulated manner to attack the fat cell stores in your body. It should contain an ample amount of these ingredients, as quality and quantity both matter. The Zantrex 3 promises to do that and more with the help of its clinically proven natural ingredients.

The only issue with this product is that we do not know the exact proportion or quantity of each ingredient used. Although the other reviews and feedbacks seem to suggest that the product works fine for the most part. The ingredients mentioned though are very effective and aid the natural thermogenic process and prevents you from gaining any extra fat, by suppressing your appetite.

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What are the Benefits?
  • Overall, the Zantrex 3 is a good supplement.
  • However, it could have included several other fat burning ingredients to still render it more effective.
Components of Zantrex

The Zantrex 3 ingredient is a proprietary blend of its mixture of ingredients. The product does not describe each and every ingredient in detail along with its quantity. That is one of the main issues with this Zantrex 3.

Some of the ingredients that we discovered so far are as follows

The mentioned ingredients include yerba mate, guarana, damiana -- which are proven and tested materials -- helping your body to aid the thermogenic process and lose the fat cell stores. They also act as an appetite suppressor to help you avoid gaining any extra fat without affecting the muscle growth. There is trimethylxanthine which basically is a caffeine supplement or acts as an energy booster to help you keep up for the whole day.

Blue vs Red Bottle – There are two colored bottle variants of this fat burner. However, according to customer reviews and experience from personal use, the blue bottle gives better results and comes with less side effects as compared to the red bottle.

The blue bottle gives a great boost to your energy levels -- according to users who have used it. It also gives good results in reducing cravings and appetite. It also leads to a fair amount of weight loss. Most of the reviews reported positive effects, with the exception of some minor, reported side effects. However, as per reports, side effects are more pronounced with the red bottle.

Overview of Using Zantrex


  • It has some proven fat burner ingredients.
  • It is cheaper than most of its competitors in the market.
  • The user feedbacks seems to suggest the product is efficient.


  • The ingredient details are not complete.
  • There is an issue with its proprietary blend.
  • The product comes with some side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, nausea, and loss of appetite.

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