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Physique Series


The Physique Series of fat burners is clinically proven and made from natural ingredients. The product comes across as one of the best with its great results and without any harmful side effects. The product is slightly overpriced but the quality more than makes up for it.



A good fat burner supplement should have a great combination of ingredients in the right quantity and quality. Physique Series fat burners seem to do just that. The potency of this fat burner, along with natural ingredients, make it a great and superior choice over many others. The product helps you burn fat effectively, without damaging any muscle growth. It promises to help you develop muscle mass and boost your energy levels. The natural ingredients in it help you increase the metabolism rate and aid the thermogenesis process to lose your fat content naturally and effectively -- without any harmful side effects. The Physique Series of fat burners seems to do it all in the right way.

The science behind Physique Series working

The Physique Series supplement works on the formula of losing more calories than you gain. The fat stores present in the body are effectively used to aid the process. The diet suppressor avoids you from consuming extra calories, while the increased metabolism aids your body to burn fat stores effectively. The process of thermogenesis helps your body to lose those fat contents more effectively and naturally, without causing any harmful side effects. For some of you who do not understand what thermogenesis is, it is a process in which the ingredients in your supplement increases the internal body heat. To counter this change, your body will use energy to cool down. This energy is derived from the fat stores in your body, which in turn help you burn a lot of calories naturally.

What are the Benefits?
  • The results are visible if taken in combination with a balanced diet plan.
  • For maximum results, combine it with a regular exercise routine.
Components of Physique Series

A good fat burner supplement is only as good as its supplement. Thankfully, the Physique Series has got all its ingredients on point and are natural.

Forslean & Green Tea Extract – Forslean &green tea extractare natural fat burners which are clinically proven ingredients. It acts on the fat cell stores in your body and aids the thermogenic process. The green tea extract has also been proven to help in gaining muscle mass. It stimulates fat breakdown and utilizes the energy released to be used as a fuel for enhanced energy levels. This in turn increases the effectiveness of your workout sessions. Forslean is a mix of forskohlin -- thathelps in the release of fatty acids from stubborn tissues, such as that in the abdominal region - thus resulting in fat loss. Therefore, now, you are not only losing fat, but also gaining lean mass in the desired parts of your body. .

5-HTTP – 5-HTP is a clinically proven ingredient which helps you to curb your cravings the most when you need it. It is an appetite suppressing ingredient which will help you avoid storing new fat cells.

L-Tyrosine – L-Tyrosine reduces stress that is related to dieting. It is in fact helpful to put your mind at ease and is a less common ingredient -- not widely found in other fat burners.

L-Theanine & Caffeine Anhydrous – These are natural energy boosters which will keep you fresh and elevated with loads of energy throughout the day. While the former reduces fat deposits and reduces calorie intake, the latter increases energy levels and helps in the thermogenic process.

Overview of Using Physique Series


  • It helps you reduce belly fat and love tires effectively.
  • It helps you suppress your cravings.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • All clinically proven ingredients.


  • The caffeine content can be a problem for those allergic to it.
  • Slightly expensive.

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