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After looking at all the aspects and qualities a perfect fat burner should possess, it is safe to say that PhenQ ranks among the best. It has a scientifically proven formula and all the ingredients are clinically approved. The product is produced in FDA approved facilities as well; so it is safe to say that it is the product for the masses!



When research meets a host of wonderful ingredients -- yes, that is the two-in-one formula for Phen Q Fat Burner. One of the worrisome problems that comes with stress, junk food, and a fast paced life is gain of unhealthy pounds. Obesity has become a major issue in recent times, and we all know how difficult it could get to loose those extra calories. So what should be an ideal fat burner? A product which helps you to burn fat without any serious side effects. Well, the product I am going to talk about today promises to do just that!. Phen Q FatBurner tablet which promises to be produced with cutting-edge research and a few secret ingredients. It is produced by a company called ERGO Group Limited which boasts its product’s credibility on research and science and of course those secret ingredients! The product claims to focus on different aspects to provide fast and efficient results. The Phen Q is FDA approved and quite a lot of user-based reviews to back up its claims of a near perfect fat burner.

What is the science behind PhenQ’s working?

Different fat burners focus on different aspects -- some focus on suppressing your appetite while few other focuses on burning accumulated fat. PhenQ, on the other hand, focuses on all at the same time. It claims to suppress your appetite, burn accumulated fat and also prevent you from gaining any fat. PhenQ claims to speed up your body’s metabolism -- i.e. the speed of your body burning calories is more than the accumulation speed. The product claims to contain a secret undisclosed ingredient called Lacy’s Reset which prevents your body from making new fat cells. A clinical study backs its claim that Lucy’s Reset helped the users to reduce their body fat percentage up to 7.24% which is phenomenal.

What are the Benefits?
  • PhenQ approaches an all-round approach to help you in losing weight.
  • Those who have used it have praised its results which are visible withing four weeks of using the pills.
  • The routine required to follow is simple and proves effective to 95% of people who use it.
  • It helps in elevating mood, reducing appetite, and boosting one’s energy levels plus metabolism rate.
Components of PhenQ

Capsimax – PhenQ contains high quality clinically proven ingredients with results to back up its claims. It contains Capsimax Powder which is a blend of piperine, caffeine, capsicum, and niacin. This blend is thermogenic in nature, which basically means it increases your body’s temperature. The body needs to cool down which requires a lot of energy and where does your body get that energy from?You guessed it right. The fat cells. Therefore, the entire process automatically results in cutting down of unwanted gains.

Calcium carbonate – It also contains calcium carbonate which is a proven prevention causing element of fat. Calcium carbonate basically convinces your body that it does not need to accumulate fat. It contains some portions of caffeine which acts as an energy booster.

Chromium – The other content is chromium picolinate which is clinically proven for suppressing appetite. It also contains Nopal: The water weight eliminator and L-carnitine fumarate.

Overview of Using PhenQ


  • It is very high on quality ingredients.
  • All its ingredients are clinically proven, even the secret ingredients.
  • Helps you in suppressing your appetite.
  • Eliminates accumulated fat.
  • Prevents production of new fat cells.
  • No risks involved as it is FDA approved.


  • It contains caffeine, so people with heart-related issues should be cautious.

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