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Lipo 6 Black


The Lipo 6 Black could have been among the best, if the potency level was above average at least. The overall product is fine, but certainly not among the top contenders. Most of the ingredients are natural and clinically proven.



A good fat burner supplement should help you lose the fat stored in your body, without taking a toll on your muscle growth. The product which I am going to be discussing here today is the Lipo 6 Black -- which has been making a lot of buzz in the market. The product promises to help you lose those love handles and belly fat efficiently, without causing any harmful side effects. The product also claims to provide you with ample energy throughout the day to aid your gym sessions. In this article, we will look into it deeply and analyze its ingredients and formula to see where it stands. The claims made by the company are pretty impressive. Well, let us find out how true they are!

The science behind Lipo 6 Black working

Any good fat burner supplement is only as good as its ingredients. Generally, fat burners rely on the basic methodology of Thermogenesis, in which the ingredients present in it will increase the internal body temperature. To counter this change and cool your body down to its normal temperature, your body needs energy. This energy is supplied by the fat stores present in your body, which in turn burn a load of calories, thus helping you lose weight. The other fact comprises of ingredients which are responsible for it to curb your appetite to stop your body from accumulating any new fat cells. Thus making a complete cycle i.e losing the stored fat and avoiding the formation of any new fat cells. The Lipo 6 Black works on this same formula. Let us find about the ingredients which make this process effective.

What are the Benefits?
  • This is a powerful weight loss formulation.
  • It helps to boost your metabolism.
  • It leads to high energy levels.
  • It also causes fast fat absorption.
Components of Lipo 6 Black

A good fat burner should comprise of ingredients which aid the thermogenic process and help you cut your body fat and increase the muscle growth. The ingredients present should not only be of great quality but should also be present in enough quantity, to be effective. That is one of the major issues with this product.The quality is there, but these ingredients are not present in enough quantity to be as effective as others in the market. Let us give you a brief overview of the same:

Citrus Aurantium – The ingredients include Citrus Aurantium -- one of the most effective fat burning agents known. However, according to us, this ingredient is not present in enough proportions. But, this does not mean that the product will not work at all.

Theobromine – Theobromine helps you to suppress your appetite to stop the accumulation of new fat cells. It increases your focus and mental clarity -- thereby improving your performance in the gym.

Caffeine – The ample amount of caffeine keeps your energy levels high and aids the fat burning process. It speeds up your heart rate and metabolism process - thus helping you to use up stored energy - which in turn leads to weight loss.

Overall, the ingredients’ quality is without any doubt at par with many, but the quantity pulls it down a bit from the competition.

Overview of Using Lipo 6 Black


  • It has some quality ingredients with clinical proof to back up its claim.
  • It does not use a proprietary blend.
  • The company behind it Nutrex is considered one of the pioneers in the supplement industry.


  • The potency level is low as compared to other products.
  • The amount of ingredients present is subjected to questions.
  • User reviews were mixed

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