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Instant Knockout


The Instant Knockout seems to get everything right from its content and quality of ingredients except for the name! The product is among the better ones in the market and also provide consumers with a 3-month money back guarantee. The caffeine quantity could have been better managed but overall it's a great product for burning fat.



If you are obsessed about cutting down on those extra calories, you must have surely have not lost out on that numerous chances of buying, sampling, and trying various weight loss products. And admit it, most of them are useless. Well, meet a new product in the market -- Instant Knockout -- which comes in a pretty cool bottle as well.

As I mentioned earlier, losing fat is a very complicated process; you need to work out routinely, control your diet intake, and hope you get the desired results. The only problem though, humans are too lazy to do that. So what is the substitute? A good fat burner product. Although there are tons of these products out there in the market, only a few which actually break the deal. One such product is Instant Knockout, a product which focuses on thermogenesis and other natural ingredients to burn the fat cells in your body. It was initially designed and aimed at pro boxers and MMA fighters who need to be in perfect shape and weight during the weigh-in. The name however itself doesn’t give a positive vibe; right? But for a normal user, as they say, what’s there in the name?

The science behind the working of Instant Workout:

Like many others who have proven fat burner products out there in the market, Instant Knockout follows the path with its Thermogenesis formula. Thermogenesis basically increases your internal body heat, which in turn is cooled down by converting your fat cells as energy. This process of burning fat has been clinically proven to be effective and without any known side effects. It also boasts of certainly proven fat burning natural ingredients like green tea extracts and cayenne pepper. It contains both thermogenic and non-thermogenic ingredients to effectively burn stored fat and prevent your body from secreting any new fat stores.

What are the Benefits?
  • You can see noticeable results very quickly -- due to increased metabolic rate, fueling of energy levels, and cutting down on appetite.
  • The results are more effective within 2 to 3 weeks if you take Instant Knockout with moderate levels of physical activity everyday.
Components of Instant Knockout

Green tea – The Instant Knockout contains a good combination of natural and proven products which help in burning fat, limit your appetite and stop new fat cells from accumulation. The list of ingredients includes green tea extracts -- loaded with polyphenols -- a proven remedy for burning fat.

Cayenne pepper – It contains cayenne pepper which is known to control your appetite, reduces fat stores and is also proven to suppress hunger. It contains glucomannan fiber extracts which swell in your stomach, therebygiving you a feel of being full.

Caffeine & piperine – While caffeine increases metabolism and burns up fat cells, piperine blocks formation of new fat cells.

Green coffee bean – The chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans decreases fat production by the liver, slows down fat absorption from food, lowers cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure.

Vitamins – It also contains vitamin B6 and B12 which generally do not have anything to do with the fat burning process, but their benefits are plenty. There is zinc content in the product as well, which helps in the efficient processing of nutrients in our body. There is caffeine for the extra dose of energy.

Chromium – Another ingredient is GTF chromium. This element has been found to control blood sugar levels in your body. This in turn leads to weight loss. There has also been research which suggests that is beneficial for releasing growth hormones.

Overview of Using Instant Knockout


  • The use of high quality and natural ingredients give a positive result.
  • The energy level is maintained throughout the day.
  • It has a great combination of ingredients which can give great results.
  • Helps in burning fat rapidly without affecting your muscle mass.


  • A full dosage can prove to be too strong for caffeine sensitive people.
  • It is comparatively costly than other products out there in the market.

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