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Hydroxycut Original


The Hydroxycut Original is a good supplement and with the help of regular exercise, can reap you good results. The potency rate per serving could have been better and the use of a proprietary blend without disclosing the exact ingredients could be a negative in this competitive market. Overall a good product, if not among the very best.



Who says that one needs to know about the entire ingredient list in a product to know about its effectiveness? We have with us today the Hydroxycut Original -- a fat burner with a slightly unclear ingredient profile -- but clear enough for us to rate its results. So here we go!

A good fat burner supplement is as good as its ingredient they say. Well, very rightly so. Our fact-based review is (as already mentioned) -- about Hydroxycut Original -- a fat burner supplement comprising of quality ingredients and promising too!

According to reviews, it works efficiently to help you lose weight. A good fat burner should not only help you lose the stored fat but also shouldn’t compromise on muscle mass. A genuine product should not give you any harmful side effects.

The Hydroxycut Original has been a popular name in the supplement market due to its great advertisement campaign and promises it makes. Let us find out whether it actually stays true to its claims.

The science behind Hydroxycut Original working

Hydroxycut works on an amalgamation of three processes. Its herbal and natural ingredients stimulate fat loss through -- calorie burning, metabolism enhancement, and appetite loss.

Like most other fat burners, it works on the principle of thermogenesis. A process in which the ingredients of the product increase your internal body temperature. To avoid this sudden change and to cool your body down, the metabolism increases. The increased metabolism needs energy and this energy is derived from the fat stores of your body, thus making the fat burning process natural and fast.

The only issue with this product seems to be with its proprietary blend, a mixture of ingredients whose potency rate ranks quite below the most successful supplements. It serves a 600 mg per serving, while some products in the market have a potency rate as high as 1600 mg. So what makes the difference, of course, the ingredients!

What are the Benefits?
  • It might be rated as fairly effective, but its label does give it a negative outlook.
  • A proprietary blend combined with a low potency brings it a bit lower on our rating ladder.
  • A mix of quality ingredients however offers several benefits and has the potential to make a good formulation
Components of Hydroxycut Original

The ingredients of Hydroxycut Original is at par with most of the good fat burners out there in the market. The only issue we have with it lies in its proprietary blend whose exact ingredients are not disclosed. The other ingredients which are known include:

Robusta coffee extract – This is a proven fat depleting ingredient which helps you lose belly fat quickly.

Papaya extract – There is Papaya extract with proven fiber content in it, which helps you to suppress your appetite. This will trick your body into thinking that you are full thus helping you curb any extra fat intake.

Caffeine anhydrous – The other ingredient includes caffeine anhydrous which is a pure form of caffeine helping you to boost your energy level throughout the day. There are certain amounts of saffron extracts present as well, to aid the appetite suppression helping you lose weight effectively.

Blackberry – Blackberries are another ingredient in this product. Due to their high water content, they make you feel full. Blackberries also don’t contain a lot of calories. This combination makes blackberry ideal for weight loss.

While some ingredients in Hydroxycut lead to daily calorie loss, someothers have an adverse affect on your daily calorie intake. Therefore, this combination, along with regular exercise will certainly lead to weight loss.

Overview of Using Hydroxycut Original


  • The contents used in its formula are clinically proven.
  • It contains coffee bean extract as well as caffeine.
  • Helps you lose belly fat.


  • Overall potency is comparatively low.
  • The proprietary blend usage is out of date.

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