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Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen


The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen fat burner performs better over its previous supplements from the Hydroxycut brand. The ingredients are well chosen and clinically proven. Thus this fat burner works and fares better in comparison to its counterparts.



If you had been on the lookout for reliable fat burners, then you must have surely come across Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen.Hydroxycut is a powerful name in the supplement industry, with its range of products flooding the market on a timely basis. The product that we are going to talk about today -- namely the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen -- is a fat burner supplement, promising to deliver wonderful results without causing you any harmful side effects.

Like all other good fat burners, it helps you lose the unwanted secreted fat stores in your body through Thermogenesis and curbs your appetite to avoid any extra fat intake. The product also promises to increase your endurance and stamina, giving you enough energy for workouts and gym sessions.

The Science behind the working of Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Any good and ideal fat burner helps you lose those belly fat and love handles with the help of its ingredients. The potency of ingredients is very important -- as a quality ingredient will be of no use if it is not present in the right quantity.

The Hydroxycut Hardcore NextGen promises to cut your fat cell stores through thermogenesis and appetite suppression. Thermogenesis is a process by which the ingredients increase the internal body temperature and your body tries to resist the change. This leads to the subsequent cooling of the body. The cooling process requires a lot of energy, which is provided by the fat stores accumulated over the years. In this way, the body loses a lot of calories and thus you can burn fat without any harmful side effects.

What are the Benefits?
  • This is an advanced, scientifically tested weight loss formulation.
  • It can help in gaining extreme concentration, energy, and focus.
Components of Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

A good fat burner is as good as its ingredients . This holds true only if these ingredients are present in the right quantity. Here is a snapshot of Hydroxycut’s major ingredients:

Green coffee blend – The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next gen comprises of green coffee blend(400mg) - a clinically proven and very effective fat burner and a great energy booster as well. Green coffee has an ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which cuts down glucose production in the liver.

Anhydrous caffeine – Another ingredient is anhydrous caffeine, which acts as a powerhouse for your body to provide you with ample energy throughout the day. It increases your metabolism rate and acts as a powerhouse stimulant as well.

Coleus extract – It also has Coleus Forskohlii, an ingredient which helps your body to break down the fat cells -- by aiding the enzyme cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It also reduces fatigue and raises testosterone levels.

Yohimbe bark extract – Another ingredient includes Yohimbe bark extract --which helps your body to block certain receptors that accumulate fat. It suppresses fat metabolism, thereby leading to fat loss.

Blue Skullcap – Then there is an ingredient called Blue Skullcap which is believed to reduce triglycerides which ultimately leads to fat loss. It also has anti-anxiety properties, that can counteract the affects of caffeine.

Ophiopogon extract – Referred to as Dragon’s beard, this changes your levels of blood glucose and insulin.

Guayusa – It contains Theobromine -- a known diuretic which helps you to shed water weight. As a result, this product asks you to drink 10 glasses of water everyday.

So the ingredients are all natural and clinically proven, which aids the thermogenic process. However, a lot of caffeine might cause side effects such as jitters and nausea. Also, because of the presence of Guayusa, you might experience dehydration. Hence, it is recommended to be careful and drink loads of water when using this fat burner.

Overview of Using Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen


  • It helps you to lose belly fat and love handles.
  • There are certain ingredients which curb your appetite.
  • The product has no harmful side effects.
  • It is considered a better product than many of the others by the company.


  • The overall potency could have been better.
  • Certain ingredients’ efficiency are not completely known.

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