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Hydroxycut Black


The Hydroxycut Black has a great combination of ingredients which aids the fat burning process naturally, without any harmful side effects. The potency per serving could have been better but the product seems to work as advertised. It also has some missing ingredients, which many users believe to be essential. Avoidance of these few shortcomings could have pushed it further up on the rating ladder.



Hydroxycut is a popular and major brand in the supplement industry, with a wide variety of products floating in the market. Today, we are going to talk about Hydroxycut Black, a fat burner supplement, promising to help you lose weight and slim up. It is an improvement over the original Hydroxycut and almost twice as potent. But does it mean that perfectly stands up to all its claims? Well, let us find out.

A good fat burner is the one which aids the thermogenic process with the help of its ingredients. This process helps lose fat stores in your body without affecting the muscle mass. A good fat burner supplement should work within the architecture of your body without causing any unnecessary harmful side effects. Does Hydroxycut Black do that? Read below to get some detailed information.

The science behind Hydroxycut Black working

Hydroxycut Black has a great combination of ingredients which work and aid the thermogenesis process. The ingredients also help you to suppress the appetite to control your food intake, resulting in fat accumulation. Thermogenesis is a process by which the internal body temperature is raised, increasing the metabolism and to counter this change, your body uses the fat stores present in the form of energy. This results in major fat loss and weight loss eventually. This natural process of losing weight is known as thermogenesis. The other set of ingredients help you to avoid secretion of new fat cells, thus affecting the weight loss. The product also promises to be free from any kind of side effects.

What are the Benefits?
  • It helps you burn fat on a daily basis.
  • It suppresses your appetite, thereby helping in weight reduction.
Components of Hydroxycut Black

The ingredients of Hydroxycut Black comprise of all natural and clinically proven ingredients. These ingredients when present in the right quantity, aid the Thermogenesis process to help you lose weight without affecting loss of muscle mass.

Robusta coffee bean extract – It has Robusta coffee bean extract, a naturally occurring ingredient, proven to benefit the weight loss. These coffee beans are not roasted, as roasting takes away the chlorogenic acid, responsible for effective weight loss. In fact, this acid is one of the prime highlights of Hydroxycut Black.

Argual extract – It has got argual extract, which is full of detoxifying nutrients and is rich in fiber - thus suppressing your appetite for food. Whereas caffeine already curbs your appetite, its combination with argual extract results in some significant loss in hunger - thereby resulting in weight loss.

Yohimbe extract – Hydroxycut Black has got Yohimbe extract, which is proven to block certain receptors in your body responsible for accumulating fat. It works by promoting fat loss by cutting down on the deposits.

Purslane extracts – There are Purslane extracts present, which are less on calorie and high in fiber plus nutrients. Therefore, it keeps you full and nourished at the same time, without letting you put on any extra calories.

Overall the ingredients are great and all natural. While some are proven fat burners, others suppress appetite and reduce unnecessary food cravings. But it is not extremely potent and misses out on some other vital ingredients.

Overview of Using Hydroxycut Black


  • It has a great combination of naturally occurring ingredients which are fat burners proven .
  • It has a proven formula to maintain energy level throughout.
  • It has great appetite suppression components.


  • The overall potency could have been better.
  • It uses a proprietary blend.

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