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The Capsiplex fat burner seems to get most of the things right and can be considered as a good product if not the best. The ingredients are all natural and clinically proven and the methodology or science behind the product seems accurate too.



Every year, loads of fat burners come up to flood the market -- while promising unique techniques to burn your fat. So which one is better and does any of them really work? We will address each of them, one at a time. Today’s product that I am going to talk about is Capsiplex. This is a fat burner that promises to deliver the desired results through a scientific Thermogenic formula with an array of natural ingredients to aid the process. The interesting part of this product is that it claims to burn as many fat cells in your body as a 25minute jog will do. Well, that is some serious claim to make. The Capsiplex contains a natural ingredient capsaicin found in red peppers and capsicum -- which are hot and increase the internal body heat. The product also has clinically tested and proven results to back up its claims. The natural ingredients found in it also workas an appetite suppressant to help us avoid those extra fat.

The science behind Capsiplex working:

The company does not make any super claims and seems to base its products on natural ingredients and science to help you slim up. The Capsiplex works on the formula of Thermo genesis, i.e the ingredients present inside it will increase the internal body heat and naturally, your body will try to resist this change by cooling down. This cooling down process requires a lot of energy, and where does your body get that energy from? Yes, you guessed it right; the fat stores present in your body. The process of converting your fat in the form of energy burns a lot of calories, thus making you slim, fit and lean. The other natural ingredients used in it also help you to suppress your hunger and appetite, which in turn help your body to stop making fat cells. It is equally important for a good fat burner to not only burn the stored fat but also to stop making or storing new fat cells.

What are the Benefits?
  • According to research, anyone taking Capsiplex Slimming Capsules can burn three times more calories before exercise, three percent more calories during exercise and twelve times more calories up to one hour post exercise. Overall, extra 278 calories in total.
  • For best results, it is recommended to take a pill with a glass of water in the morning or 30 to 60 minutes prior to workout/exercise.
Components of Capsiplex

Capsicum extracts – The main ingredients of Capsiplex consist of capsicum extract which acts as a fat burner on the thermogenesis methods i.e it increases your body heat and makes your body cool down by using up the fat stores in the form of energy. There are caffeine contents in it as well to boost your energy and mood.

Niacin – It contains niacin, which has been proven to reduce fat contents in your bloodstream, making other nutrients flow smooth and easy.

Piperine – The good amount of piperine helps your body to absorb nutrients more effectively and efficiently. Thus helping you to not only curb the fat content in your body, but also boost the intake and absorption of other important nutrients smooth and easy. This in turn will help you develop more muscle mass than fat.

Overall, this product contains all the necessary ingredients which help you to lose fat and increase muscle gain. The ingredients are natural and clinically proven which is a bonus.

Overview of Using Capsiplex


  • A good mixture of ingredients helps you lose fat quickly and naturally.
  • Helps you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.
  • Helps you burn belly fat and love handles.
  • Suppresses your appetite and does not affect your health.
  • The pricing of the product is good and suitable for your pocket


  • The potency of the product is slightly imbalanced.
  • The caffeine allergic should be careful about the dosage.

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