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Cutting diets in bodybuilding refers to the lessening of the stored unwanted fat in the body. The fat gets accumulated in the body and affects the maintenance of muscle mass. In order to keep your muscles tones and get a good physique, you need to reduce the number of calories that you take per day. This way, your body will start concentrating on using the stored fat as fuel to produce the energy. When you start working out and perform intense physical activities, this energy will be used up in order to supply the power to your body to perform better in the gym. This whole process may be possible with enough patience and consistency. However, this cannot be applicable for people who are aiming to become bodybuilders because they require extra supplements to support this process.

Many supplements on the market come with appetite suppressants that will make the cutting process easier for you. It is generally uneasy for an average person to cut down on some of the favorite foods. Unfortunately, the tastier the food is, the unhealthier it is. Cheese, butter, ghee and many other food recipes are rich in fats. Cutting down on these delicious foods can be a tough task. However, in order to consume only the required number of calories and balance it with protein intake, you will need the help from supplements that are designed specifically for this purpose. These supplements help you in thedevelopment of muscle mass while reducing the fat content in your body. Focusing on changing your eating habits is the first step towards bodybuilding. To attain the physique that you are dreaming of, you will need a supplement that works on your body in a perfect pattern. This supplement should be able to burn the fat and supply nutrients to the muscles.

Cutting is a phase that most of the bodybuilders go through in order to lose the body fat to a very low percentage so that the muscle tissues are visible. Thus, they will be able to get a better-looking body. In this stage, you may change your diet and exercise regularly. However, a supplement can help you speed up this process and help you yield the results much faster than you could otherwise. In order to maintain the muscle mass and rip off the body fat at the same time, cutting down the intake of unhealthy food is important. It is also equally important to increase the cardio. This particular stage can be extremely stressful and most of the aspiring bodybuilders have a tough time during this process. But nothing comes easy right? To get that flawless looking body, one needs to put a lot of efforts. If you follow the cutting diet, it is estimated that you could reduce 1-1.5 lbs of fat per week while maintaining the muscle mass. It is important to be careful during this process because if you are losing more weight than this you will be losing the muscle mass too.

In the beginning, one may need to check the recent weight and the body fat percentage to assess the point you need to start from. Keep a track of your body weight all through the week and analyze your measurements up to date. Once you are done with weighing and measuring yourself, you can also consider calculating your BMI. Many applications are available on your smartphone to read your daily intake of carbs and fat. You may install one of these applications and keep checking your daily intake of protein, vitamins, fats, carbs etc. The objective here is to cut down the fats while you still want to maintain your muscle mass. While you arrive at an estimation or the percentage of how much of body fat you need to reduce and how much muscle mass you need to gain, you can choose a natural and safe supplement that can help you in many ways and lead you towards your goal. To help you calculate your body fat easily, use the applications that have the best reviews and are highly accurate. Most of these apps are easy to install and simple to use. All that you have to do is insert your caliper readings and the other required information. The calculator will convert the readings into your body fat percentage and give you the exact results.

Some people set up a weekly goal and keep a track of the progress on the weekly basis while some others set up a daily goal. We would suggest you go for a daily goal because recording the daily intake and maintenance of your body on daily basis can fetch greater results and quicker results than doing it on weekly basis. If you find out that you are not meeting your expected goal on every single day, then it is time for you to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle. Your normal routine of exercise and diet are not helping you to hit the required target. This is when you would need a supplement that can be a fat burner as well as a muscle mass gainer.

We always advise our readers to keep a track of the calories intake in order to easily change the diet pattern. While the supplement comes with appetite suppressants, you can also reduce the intake of calories gradually. This will also help your body to get physically adjusted to the habit of consuming fewer calories and carbs. While reducing your consumption of calories you can simultaneously supplement your body with protein. This will definitely aid you in maintaining your muscle mass while burning the fat. Healthy fats like the oil obtained from fish, nuts, and seeds will not be removed as they help in generating the energy. It is important that a person who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle should cut down on sugar and salt.

Some of the precautions and tips to be followed in the cutting phase to make it efficient and easy are that; You need to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. The most crucial carbohydrate consumption time is before and after a workout. This is called an anabolic workout window. If you perform heavy weight training sessions, then you can consume 1 gm of carbohydrates per 1lb of weight during this anabolic window. Carbohydrates may include Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Yams, Whole wheat bread. Besides carbohydrates protein intake is also very crucial. You need to consume 1-1.25 gms of protein per 1 lb of your body weight and it should be spread out throughout the day. The body needs healthy fats to maintain immune function, vital organs and to promote the healthy appearance of the skin. Healthy fat intake of 0.5 gms per 1 lb of your body weight is expected.

The timing of the meals in a day also plays a very important role in building your body. You need to take carbohydrates at the time workout. You can include casein protein before bed as this will be released into the bloodstream slower. You can also choose cottage cheese. Reduce your carbohydrate intake as the day proceeds and focus on protein and fat intake. Researches also have shown some best foods to take during a cutting phase. These include:

Sesame Seed Oil: It helps in decreasing fat storage and increasing fat oxidation.
Salmon: It is one of the best options as it is low in saturated fats and high in omega 3 and proteins.
White kidney beans: These beans can block the carbohydrate digesting enzymes and helpless carbohydrate absorption.
Green tea: These are thermogenic and aid in fat loss.
Green leafy vegetables: These are packed with nutrients.
Flaxseed oil: It contains omega 3 and ALA. ALA aids in fat loss
Grapefruit: It is low GI food and aids in fat loss
Kelp: High is many minerals and is considered nature’s superfood
Cottage cheese: High amount of protein and calcium. Make sure take in limited quantity.

Despite all the efforts, the cutting phase can be extremely difficult and exhausting. Make sure to motivate yourself constantly by embracing a supplement that is designed just for this purpose. Choose a natural supplement that contains the ingredients that best suit your body type. Some ingredients may suit your body while others may not. The best way to select a supplement is by analyzing the nutritional labels. By looking at the ingredients and their doses, you will be able to understand what suits you the best. If you are allergic to a particular ingredient, ignore the supplements that use this ingredient. You can also take your doctor's advice before picking a supplement for you. Another easiest and safest way to pick a supplement is by reading about their reviews online.

We review all the supplements based on the personal experiences, user testimonials, analyses of the ingredients, prices, manufacturer's reputation on the market, and much more. Many important factors are considered before writing a review about a particular supplement. All that you have to do is read all the reviews of as many supplements as possible and then choose the one that best suits you. Once you choose the supplement, start with a low dose for the first two weeks until your body adjusts to it. Gradually, increase the doses until you reach the prescribed doses by the manufacturer or a certified fitness expert or a nutritionist. Overdosing can lead to health problems. It is always important to stick to the mentioned doses only. Since the natural supplements pose minimal or zero side effects, you can be 100% sure of your safety during the consumption. However, if you notice any minor allergies like bloating or a headache etc, then seek medical advice at the earliest.

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