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Vinpocetine Benefits And Side Effects

Vinpocetine is a crucial alkaloid that is found in a plant called periwinkle which is often used in brain supplements like nootropics. It possesses incredible abilities like reducing the stress and boosting cognitive ability. It can even partially treat diseases like Alzheimer's that interfere with thinking and memory. Some studies claim that Vinpocetine has a very small effect on the decline of thinking skills. So the results or benefits are hard to interpret in terms of cognitive decline and dementia.

Consuming Vinpocetine regularly for 2 months can help in improving the vision and treating a condition called AMD which causes the vision loss in some older people. The ingredient also helps in aiding hearing loss when Vinpocetine is given intravenously for 10 days to a person who has difficulty in hearing. Some studies suggest that consuming this ingredient daily for up to a year can reduce the build-up calcium around the joints. It can also prevent kidney failure. The ingredient also enhances the memory of a person when it is taken along with ginkgo. It also appears that in order to improve short-term memory in healthy adults, this ingredient can be consumed on a regular basis.

There are also pieces of evidence that show the of Vinpocetine in treating stroke. The ingredient will slightly and slowly reduce the brain damage due to acute ischemic stroke. Some clinical studies also suggested that there may be a very mild effect of vinpocetine for ischemic stroke. Some studies published that taking the ingredient orally along with physiotherapy and reduce tinnitus, a condition in which a person constantly hears ringing in the ears. Bed-wetting is one major problem that is related to urine control issues. It seems that vinpocetine when taken for 2 weeks, can reduce the number of times a patient wants to urinate. It can also prevent Alzheimer's disease, motion sickness, treat symptoms of menopause, prevent seizures, treat chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and aid in healing other conditions.

Vinpocetine also helps actively in boosting the blood flow. While increasing the memory, it also treats the symptoms of other severe brain conditions. It also helps in improving information retention. It also enhances the focus levels of a person. This way, you can focus on your work, relationships, workout sessions, career, etc without getting diverted by unnecessary or unwanted events.

The alkaloid gets easily absorbed by the brain. It also helps in providing health benefits like neuroprotection against toxins. It constantly reduces the inflammation in the brain tissue. It helps in supporting memory like we discussed earlier. It increases the blood flow to the brain and this process helps in providing adequate oxygen and nutrients to the body. It, in turn, boosts your ability to focus and concentrate on one single point without affecting your daily activities. When combined with other ingredients, it helps in enhancing your circulatory system while providing neuroprotective qualities.

Vinpocetine side effects occur only when overdosed. Even in that case, simple side effects like digestive issues can happen. You do not have to worry about anything severe than that. The benefits of this ingredient outweigh the side effects on any given day. This is why it is completely safe to consume. It helps in reducing the rate of cognitive decline to a great extent while reducing the stress. If taken by mouth appropriately, Vinpocetine is safe for most people. No significant harmful effects have been detected with the right dosage of this ingredient. However, Alzheimer's disease was reportedly treated with large doses of vinpocetine. You may experience stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, nervousness, sleep disturbances, headache, and flushing of the face rarely. These are simple and common side effects that are experienced by everyone when a person is introduced to new supplement.

It is also recommended that pregnant ladies and lactating mothers avoid the use of this ingredient to be on safe side. There are also rare reports of adding to mild bleeding disorders. This is why it is important for you to avoid this ingredient if you have a problem with blood clotting as it might increase the risk of bleeding. Your immune system may also be slightly affected and this might reduce the body’s ability to fight infections or allergies.

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