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TribulusTerrestris: The Benefits and Side Effects

TribulusTerrestris is a rare plant that grows in and is native to a few unheard places such as certain regions of tropical Europe, Asia, Australia and also the tropical areas of Africa. This plant is used in treating various medical conditions around the world even though there have been very few studies showing how this herb interacts with men. This ingredient has been used for over hundreds of years and has proved to be helping to increase the production of testosterone.


Few tests were conducted on TribulusTerrestris. A sample of mice was taken and tests were performed on both normal and castrated mice. The results showed that the plant was effective in boosting the libido in mice. All the mice involved in the experiment were proved to show sexual interactions after regular intake of this herb. However, a group of mice that were given water containing this ingredient showed more sexual activities than the groups that were given a placebo. This herb is also effective in improving the muscle mass. However, the proofs remain inconclusive. An Australian study on rugby players of two groups showed varied results. The ones who took TT and the ones who did not take the herb were equally built when they were subjected to similar workout sessions for 5 weeks. But there are many interesting facts about this ingredient and it comes with a variety of benefits.

The most interesting fact about TT is that it has been known to increase libido both in women and men alike. The studies have also suggested that works better than any hormone therapy. Women who have been trying to improve the fertility and regain regular ovulation, TT will help in making these issues disappear while giving absolutely no experience mood swings. Many other health benefits that come along with the TribulusTerrestris were proven through many studies and tests. In several universities, TT showed benefits for those who are facing problems with hormone imbalance. Just a few days of regular consumption of TT helped people to see the changes in their hormone levels turning from low to normal. The ingredient also reduces the symptoms of menopause.

TribulusTerrestris actively helps in improving the circulatory system of the human body. Many people have very unhealthy circulatory systems these days because of blocking the wastage that the bodies produce every day. The waste that humans inhale while breathing or during food consumption needs to be excreted regularly. When this does not happen, circulatory system imbalance may occur and lead to poisonous effects. TribulusTerrestris helps in cleaning up all the waste while expanding blood vessels. It promotes better blood supply throughout the body. It causes men to have better and more sustained erections.

Many people, especially men, grow impotency as they get older. If you are one of those people who want to remain sexually active for many years but does not have the libido to continue it, then this ingredient is the best choice for you. If taken on a regular basis, the ingredient has proven to prevent impotence. It also helps people who suffer depression and mood swings to recover their inner selves. In some cases, depressed people usually face such situation due to their circumstances or imbalanced diet. Most of the time, It could have also caused due to poor hormone levels. TT increases the production of hormones that promote happiness in enough quantities. With regular intake of TribulusTerrestris, these issues will be solved. This ingredient also acts as an energy booster to fight fatigue.

Side effects

It is understood that there very minimal or no side effect with all the herbal supplements. However, it is very important to note even the minute side effects during a research or study of these herbs. Considering TribulusTerrestris, the possible side effects that are worth mentioning here are completely linked to the level of the purity of this herb. When taken as recommended this herb does not have any side effects. However, TT taken in higher doses can lead to side effects.

People have reported that they have felt warmer than usual that can be very uncomfortable in hot weather. Some of the users have also reported restlessness and sleepless nights. The herb increases the energy very well so it is important to do some exercises to burn off this extra energy. Users have also reported faster heartbeat than usual. However, reducing the dosage have helped them come back to normal. The herb should be taken in very specific dosage recommendations. It is advised that these dosages must be followed to avoid suffering any side effects.


This small leafy plant has been used in ancient traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for several years. Most of the supposed health benefits have been proved and studied only in animals. However, there is evidence that in humans it may improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. It doesn’t increase testosterone, but enhances libido in both men and women. With only minor side effects, it is not toxic and is safe. However, you should consider all the potential benefits and risks before taking Tribulusterrestris.