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Tongkat Ali: The Benefits and Side Effects

Tongkat Ali can be used as a male enhancement and testosterone booster. It is an essential medicinal herb that grows in the Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The plant contains many active key ingredients that are useful in treating many diseases. The ingredients include eurycomaacton, eurycomanone, and eurycomanol. The plant is ideal for treating a wide range of ailments. It also plays a part in enhancing libido in men while improving the sports performance and physical activities without losing stamina. It also helps in weight loss and works as an anti-aging remedy. It improves a person’s overall well-being while reducing fatigue.


Medical experts over the years have carried out numerous studies on Tongkat Ali. Boosting Libido is one of the main benefits of this herb. Tongkat Ali is widely used in Malaysia and it is called “homegrown Viagra” for a reason. It has the ability to enhance sexual desire in many ways. A study has found out that this plant contains a class of peptides called “eurypeptides”. Eurypeptides help in improving sex drive and achieve your goal without tiring yourself out or feeling unsatisfied. The plant also helps in restoring the normal levels of testosterone by increasing its rate of release of from the sex-hormone-binding-globulin. This herb is special because it works differently from the other anabolic steroids.

The plant is also used in treating cancer in many countries. A research result has shown that the natural products and root extract like Tongkat Ali are very effective in treating cancer. The beta-carboline alkaloids content present in this herb has significantly shown cytotoxicity against breast and lung cancer cells. It also works as an Antibacterial ingredient. Acetone and alcoholic extracts are usually derived from the Tongkat Ali leaves and stem. These extracts carry the potential of being antibacterial agents. They are also effective against Staphylococcus, Salmonella typhi bacteria strains, Serratiamarcescens, and Escherichia coli.

Treating Malaria is another benefit that was found in this herb. Its effects on the cancer cells also made people understand that the beta-carboline extracts can also be effective at treating malaria. The herb is also amazingly effective in being a stress reliever. The herb's root extract should be regularly taken every day and that will help in lowering the cortisol levels while leading to the improvements in one’s stress hormone profile.

It is also considered as a great anxiety healer. This plant is an effective remedy for anxiety as it produces similar anxiolytic effects that are produced by diazepam. It works as a great Testosterone Booster for Men with Late-onset Hypogonadism. This herb’s extracts can also improve the Aging Males’ Symptoms scores in men.

Side effects

Tongkat Ali also comes with a few side effects. But these effects are extremely mild and easily reversible. There has been no reports or evidence of serious liver or renal function. It can also be responsible for increased metabolic body heat. However, daily water intake can counter this side effect. Insomnia is another side effect of this herb. To avoid this condition, it is best advised to start with small doses. The herb can also lead to abnormally high levels of testosterone. This may cause an increased irritability, impatience and restlessness.

Another problem with Tongkat Ali is that it tastes awfully bitter and may put some people off with this taste. Most Asian communities use Tongkat Ali to heal ailments. It has been used for many centuries to improve the energy levels in humans, improve the sex drive, and ramp up the body’s testosterone levels. However, no study has revealed the complete details of the real medicinal value of this herb. Extended use or exceeding the given dosage can cause issues to your body's health. As long as you take care of the dosages and correct water intake, this herb can be the best testosterone booster available in nature.


Exceeding the recommended daily dosage is hazardous to health. This is also applicable to any other ingredient. It is important for you to follow the recommended dosages to keep your body healthy. Excess of dosages can be fatal or poisonous. To avoid such danger, the recommended dosage is usually between 50 and 200 mg per day of water-extracted Eurycomalongifolia root standardized to 22% eurypeptides.