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Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

While you agree to take any external supplements to enhance any of your body functions or muscles, it is also understood that these supplements come with side effects. However, they may not be dangerous if taken with advice from your physician or nutritionist. If you also follow the instructions clearly and maintain a healthy diet, these supplements may likely cause zero or mild side effects. With testosterone boosters, all the side effects are easily manageable. Nevertheless, it is our duty to let you know what you might be getting into. Most of the ingredients used in the testosterone boosters are all-natural and these ingredients perfectly trigger the production of testosterone in a human body in a healthy and beneficial way, even beyond the hormone boosting capabilities.

Skin issues

The side effects of testosterone booster are commonly related to skin. There may be signs of oily patches or acne, especially on the back and lower back. This is a typical hormonal reaction that happens to every teen while the testosterone was coursing down through the veins. That is why we see teenage being the most acne-prone period.

Sleep issues

Some of the users have also reported imbalance in sleeping hours or depth of sleep. The sleep apnea or disturbance during REM period has been observed in some users.

Rapid muscle gain

The product is extremely effective in building muscles; however, it does not support the growth of ligaments and tendons. The rapid muscle gain also is one of the side effects that has been observed and has termed as one of the symptoms of kidney related diseases. Engaging in a balanced muscle gain and good diet program can help eliminate these side effects.

Kidney problems

There are also rare possibilities of kidney damage as a side effect if testosterone booster is taken for a long period. Other side effects include infrequent urination and thinner streams.

Behavioral issues

An overdose of this supplement can also lead to aggression and anxiety; therefore, it is always best to follow the instructions and consult a physician before taking the supplement. If you observe any elevation of mood swings and quick-temper rise or drop, then it is recommended that you lower the intake of the supplement in order to control the flashes of anger that is uncharacteristic.

Increased PSA

Other side effects also include elevated red blood cell levels and elevated PSA levels. These side effects can further lead to heart diseases and are also indicative of inflammation of the prostate gland. The enlargement of prostate gland and cancer can also be one of the side effects. When you see these signs, it is suggested to discontinue the use of supplement intermittently for some time.

Emotional effects

Apart from physical side effects, some of the users have also observed emotional changes like mood swings. This emotional fluctuation has been attributed as one of the side effects of taking testosterone boosters for a very long time. If taken as per the physician's direction, the mood will be improved because of the healthy levels of hormones being generated. If you observe depression or aggressive behavior, then it may be a warning to discontinue the use and consult a psychiatrist and your family doctor to soothe your mood. It is also advised to stop taking your testosterone boosters if you see the signs of too much anxiety.

Some other related problems

Specific skin-related side effects include acne on the face or back and the skin turning oily. While mild fluid retention and stimulation of prostate tissue are included as some of the common side effects, they can be treated easily and timely observation on your increase or decrease of urination symptoms will help you treat the side effects quickly. Breast enlargement is another side effect that was observed in the recent sample research study. There are also chances of increased risk of blood clots if the supplement is taken for a longer duration or in high doses. If you already have a sleep disorder, the intake of the supplement may result in nighttime awakenings while making you fall asleep during the day. The product may also cause decreased testicular size while increasing the risk of stroke. Laboratory abnormalities like the changes in cholesterol or lipid levels have also been observed. Decreasing the sperm count, leading to infertility, has also been rarely reported in younger men.


The above are not the only side effects of testosterone. A doctor will be able to inform you better. Overdose or misuse of testosterone boosters can cause serious and irreversible damage. At times, other prescription and over-the-counter drugs may interact with testosterone, resulting in negative consequences.This even includes vitamins and herbal products. Therefore, inform your consultant about all medicines you use before going for testosterone boosters. We would firmly recommend taking counsel from your medical professional and know about the best testosterone boosters across all stages of testosterone intake.