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Guarana Benefits And Side Effects

You would have seen Guarana as an ingredient found in many energy drinks. This is because the ingredient has the properties to help increase your stamina. It also provides you with energy and focus. It is also found in some nootropic supplements as it provides a natural alternative to unhealthy vices. It also skillfully boosts weight loss and keep you fit. This is possible because the ingredient will let you focus on whatever you are working on and look towards it for a long term. This way you can focus on your intense workout sessions and do not get diverted. It enhances the athletic performance and actively reduces fatigue. It also increases the energy levels and improves focus and concentration.

Guarana is a plant and its seeds are brewed into a beverage. In ancient days, it is used as a medicine in many different tribes and cultures. Today, Guarana is used as an ingredient in energy drinks. It helps you in giving you the effects of caffeine while boosting your concentration. It is also found in some nootropics. It helps people by providing caffeine in the brain supplements. Many nootropics avoid the use of caffeine. However, some people require caffeine to kickstart their days while keeping their sanity. Nootropics utilize natural ingredients and act as a substitute for unhealthy prescription drugs.

Guarana utilizes the natural caffeine by being more effective than coffee in so many ways. The reason it has been used to help increase energy levels is that of its ability to boost weight loss without causing any side effects. It improves your bowel health and helps in keeping you focused and motivated. It is also important to know that stimulants like nicotine and sugary energy drinks do more harm than good. Guarana works in a relatively simple way by accomplishing all the incredible feats by stimulating the central nervous system, muscular system, and cardiovascular system. The ingredient is also known for utilizing two chemicals called theophylline and theobromine that stimulate the body similarly to caffeine.

The side effects of Guarana are similar to the side effects of caffeine. The ingredient is generally regarded as safe but only when it is consumed responsibly in right dosages. Overdosing of this ingredient can lead to many negative side effects. These side effects include insomnia, nausea, increased heart rate, anxiety and pain throughout your digestive system. This ingredient is perfect for people who like to take stimulants to help kick-start their days. It is definitely better than coffee. So if you are a person who is addicted to coffee, then you might as well swap coffee with Guarana. It is much healthier and has minimal side effects. This Brazilian herb was demonized as a dangerous form of caffeine. But the truth is that it contains caffeine which is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, yerba mate, colas, and chocolate with a whole mix of other compounds that act together. A study compared the effects of coffee and guarana. The results showed that guarana has produced greater alertness and improvement in the performance of mental tasks. Coffee, on the other hand, produced a peak in alertness but after about 30-45 minutes, it rapidly fell away. But the effects of guarana kept continuing and increasing.

Guarana has positive effects on mood and memory too. It enhances cognitive function when doses of guarana that had 37.5 or 75mg of caffeine compared to doses that contained 150 or 300mg of caffeine. Like any other form of caffeine, guarana may interact with certain medications. If taken in high doses, it can also cause insomnia, anxiety, dehydration, and palpitations. Taking this supplement should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation as well. There are reports of this ingredient being used for treating bowel complaints too. The herb’s high tannin levels can make it good to treat mild diarrhea. Guarana is popular for treating cellulite and localized fat as well. However, there is no much clinical evidence behind these claims. The herb is widely accepted as an appetite suppressant by most tribes.

People who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this herb as it can cause allergies and negative side effects on such people. Overall, the herb is a good ingredient for a nootropic blend if mixed in right doses. It can enhance your ability to perform in the right direction.

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