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Fenugreek: The Benefits and Side Effects

Most of the time, Fenugreek is consumed by people in the form herbal supplements outside of the diet. It also comes in a packaged container as a key ingredient with other ingredients as well as on its own. However, in most cases, this herb usually comes in a combined form with other trace elements such as magnesium in order to promote optimal health. This ingredient can also be consumed by women for health benefits like good body growth and helping to improve bone density. Fenugreek has many other benefits along with this. However, studies have shown that Fenugreek and testosterone are co-related in sexually healthy males. Men who consumed a recommended dosage of fenugreek every day had higher levels of testosterone.


Fenugreek is not only good for your overall body health but as a surprise, it has recently been linked to testosterone boosting in men. Various studies have shown that overall sexual enhancement is directly related to the daily intake of fenugreek in the diet or supplements by males. In fact, this herb has been nicknamed by many scientists as nature’s natural aphrodisiac. Fenugreek's research was done by an American professor who is specialized in body fitness. He is also a renowned nutritionist and has done many such studies on the nutrition level of the human body. He confirmed that the use of this herb is extremely helpful in building the muscle mass in the most natural way. After this statement was released by the professor, several studies were conducted at various research centers to find out if this herb is more than just a muscle builder. The studies then found out that fenugreek is a vital ingredient that can help men in achieving better erections while sustaining for longer. This factor and benefit have made Fenugreek become a staple ingredient in testosterone boosting supplements as well as in nutritional diets.

It is also true that there have been very few studies that completely proved the entirety of these claims. However, most of the results showed a significant improvement in the participants. One reliable data showed that some of the participants who took Fenugreek twice a day while the others were given a placebo, saw 30% improvement in their sex lives significantly. This study was conducted by the Center for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine. Researchers have also pointed out that saponins and plant phytochemicals have numerous clear health benefits. This could be the reason why men experience increased testosterone production.

Fenugreek is not just good for improving production of the male hormone but also provides other essential benefits that are important for humans. It is considered as a natural anti-inflammatory as it provides the natural coolness to the body. Many herbal studies have recommended fenugreek to be consumed for sores, lesions, boils and other skin conditions. It can also be powdered and applied to the head for coolness. You can also ground it with a little bit of water and make it a paste which can be applied to skin burns, rashes and other skin allergies on the affected areas. You will see amazing results in just a few days with regular use. According to a German organization, this herb has been approved as the most helpful ingredient in fighting gastritis with its ability to produce mucilage that lines the gut preventing inflammation. Fenugreek seeds can also promote the production of bile. People who take these seeds on regular basis have seen reduced cholesterol levels and more bile in the body. If you are suffering from diabetes and the regular continuous medication has not worked for a long time now, then it is recommended for you to try fenugreek seeds. This herb is considered to be one of nature’s most effective ways of naturally reducing blood sugar.

Along with solving digestion problems, it is also effective to work against constipation and it helps induce regular bowel movements. Fenugreek also contains high levels of protein and nicotinic acid that are great for hair and eliminate dandruff. It is also a great herb for pregnant women and lactating mothers as it contains high levels of iron.

Side effects

Some of the very few side effects of Fenugreek are bloating and gas when taken in large quantities. It might also cause body odour, loose motions and hypoglycemia in mothers, uterine contractions in pregnant women, allergic reactions like rash and breathlessness, thyroid dysfunction in men etc.


Fenugreek may cause complications when taken with other drugs such as diabetes medications -- which can result in dangerously low levels of sugar. These medicines include glimepiride, insulin, glyburide and others.

Since you now know the benefits and potential side effects of Fenugreek seeds, you can consume them in moderation in order to stay healthy. A certain amount of awareness and precautions can help you avoid these side effects altogether.