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Green Tea for Weight Loss for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Green tea is one revolutionary product! You might have already heard about this ingredient almost everywhere. It has great beneficial properties and one of them is boosting weight loss. This is also backed by science by International Journal of Obesity. Studies have been reported that green tea also helps burn extra calories, it is very effective for weight loss. Green tea is a herb that is mostly native to Asia that is produced by the same plant that produces black tea. However, the difference is in the method of processing only. To explain it better, the black tea is processed through several methods whereas green tea is processed with fewer methods.

The making of green tea is very simple! The leaves are plucked from the plant and immediately after that, the leaves are steamed or heated. they are then dried and crushed into powdered form. This method has proven to keep the nutritional integrity of the tea intact. This has always helped in unleashing the numerous health benefits of any herb taken into consideration. This way maximum nutritional health benefits of a plant is retained.

To know how much weight you can lose by having green tea, you need to experiment it by yourself because an ingredient reacts differently to different body types. In general, no amount of green tea will shed more than a few pounds. Green tea cannot be the only ingredient that can help you lose a lot of weight. The best scenario for green tea weight loss usually, is to use fat burning supplements that are formulated with green tea extract along with other key ingredients that are good at fat burning. As you already know, green tea is a beverage that is so packed with health benefits and even if you take it once in a while, it can deliver great results. The best part about green tea is that it is not heavily processed. Because of this, the catechins in the tea are not destroyed. These powerful antioxidants will actively help in boosting the immune system of a human body while protecting people from getting dangerous diseases. In fact, this ingredient contains one of the most effective antioxidants called EGCG. These antioxidants help in neutralizing free radicals that are highly responsible for aging. This ingredient is considered to be 100 times as powerful as vitamin C and can be compared to Vitamin E too it is about 25 times as powerful as vitamin E.

As discussed earlier, there are scientific studies that have proven that green tea is effective for weight loss. The important point to consider here is the process through which it induces weight loss. Studies have shown that this natural ingredient has some pretty specific effects that trigger weight loss. Firstly, it induces thermogenesis. Through this process, the body can generate heat and this heat will, in turn, melt the fat. Additionally, green tea is also known to increase the amount of energy expended. By this we mean, even when you are in a resting position, you still be able to burn off calories. In fact, more calories than usual. A research as conducted at Institute of Physiology in Switzerland and it exposed some fatty cells from mice to green tea. The results were obtained from the tests conducted upon the mice that were subjected to green tea with caffeine and then green tea with both caffeine and ephedrine. The results showed that the green tea mixed with both caffeine and ephedrine was most effective in burning the fat. This is why most fat burners are usually made of green tea extract while containing these two additional ingredients.

Green tea also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels while lowering the blood pressure. Taking green tea regularly will help you to avoid many heart-related issues. Studies have revealed that the green tea also helps in improving cognition. This is possible because of its ability to expand blood vessels. This way, your blood receives a lot more oxygen than usual. This will, in turn, result in clearer mind, overall alertness, and better memory.


Since, Green tea is extremely good at lowering blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes, it can be considered as an ideal ingredient to get health benefits. It also reduces brain plaques that are directly responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. Green tea is also considered to be a staple that reduces the risk of developing esophageal cancer by up to 60%. Since it contains caffeine, you may experience jitters and anxiety if you take it in high quantities. Overall, it is definitely a good idea to consider taking fat burners that have green tea in them.

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