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Chromium Picolinate Health Benefits | Chromium Supplement Ingredient Review

One of the primary functions of Chromium is to prevent Chromium deficiency, a condition in which the body’s natural ability to utilize glucose has been compromised and more insulin will be required when this happens and affect the overall body function. This is the reason why Type 2 diabetes patients are given Chromium supplements. The symptoms of Chromium deficiency can be comprised of blood sugar and sometimes confusion. Many Chromium deficiency studies have shown that the patients have seen improvements after taking Chromium supplementation.

Chromium is considered to be an essential mineral that a human body requires. While Chromium is definitely essential for a human to survive, it is only needed in trace amounts and not in loads. It is important to understand that Chromium is the essential mineral while Picolinate is just a “chelator” that helps your body to absorb Chromium. Chelators are molecules that offer an electrical attraction to minerals. This, in turn, changes the chemistry of molecules and allows them to be better absorbed and utilized by the body.

Your body, in its true essence, will absorb 2% of Chromium on an average day and the rest of chromium is excreted out. Since the confusion over this subject runs rampant and it was so necessary for you to understand this part and for us to explain although it is quite boring to do all the calculations. It also becomes important for you to find out if you are Chromium deficient or not. If you suspect you might be Chromium deficient, then it would be the best bet for you to visit your family Doctor. After all the blood tests that are performed by these qualified professionals, they would be able to tell you what exactly is the issue for you. This is not an area that you may want to risk making guesses in. Real facts serve better than mild guesses because you would definitely not be helping your body to achieve the weight loss goals merely by taking stabs in the dark. Real data is essential and it leads to real results.

High cholesterol has always been linked to an unhealthy heart. It is known to increase your risk of strokes and general cases of heart disease. At the core of a healthy person is a healthy heart. So, people are doing everything they can do to increase the health of the heart which is incredibly important. Studies have often shown that Chromium can somehow help lower the triglyceride levels while decreasing the amount of cholesterol that is found in the blood. Now, this is hugely beneficial to promote overall heart health.

Chromium Picolinate is a safe ingredient. However, it would be better for you to always check with your personal or family doctor before introducing your body to any new supplement. There is an existence of some warnings. Taking too much Chromium for too long can lead to unwanted side effects like nausea, dizziness, losses in coordination, and migraines. Some reports also talk about liver damage. This is why we reiterate over and over again to check with your Doctor first before you take this supplement that can really help monitor your results.

Chromium Picolinate is commonly found in fat burner supplements even if conditionally works as a fat burner. If you are diabetic patient, then this ingredient could help you lose weight while managing your diabetes. If you are not a diabetic patient, then there is not much to see here. Chromium Picolinate may not be considered an essential ingredient in a fat burner supplement. However, it does not necessarily hurt to be in there. In many cases, it has worked great on Diabetic or Chromium deficient people and it can be an inconsequential experience for you if you are one.


Overall, Chromium Picolinate comes with various benefits and side effects. It is not, however, an essential fat burning ingredient. Although most fat burner supplements possess Chromium, they don’t really tout it as their core ingredient. This ingredient can be considered as an additional piece of a very large or complex puzzle. Losing weight and burning fat definitely does not depend on this one. But, it definitely could solve the puzzle in its own way as a supportive ingredient and in some cases that we have discussed earlier. Throughout this complex process of fat burning through Chromium Picolinate, we have also learned that we are individuals with specific, unique needs and need individual attention or formulas. It may work for your friend and not for you and vice-versa.

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