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Caffeine for Weight Loss | Is This Ingredient Effective and Safe?

Caffeine is considered to be a naturally occurring compound. It is commonly found in coffee, cocoa, chocolate, and many other products that many people consume on a daily basis. This ingredient has a very specific effect on human body, especially when ingested through oral supplements. It is known to cause stimulation by acting on the central nervous system. It will make you more alert. Caffeine has always been one of the most controversial weight loss ingredients for years now. Some studies suggest that it is a great way to lose weight while some others say that it does quite the opposite of that it can make you gain weight instead. Some even argue that it is just another glucose delivery mechanism and nothing else. However, it is a known fact that every time you take a cup of coffee you are helping your body shed calories. Now the big question is, 'How does this happen?'.

Caffeine acts in mysterious ways as fat burners. Firstly, it stimulates the CNS which is also known as Central Nervous System. While doing this, it also sends a message to fat cells by telling them to break down and dissolve. Caffeine may not let you achieve the significant weight loss results that you are expecting, however, some research has shown that there is definitely some effect in losing weight. It helps in increasing the production of epinephrine which is a hormone that sends messages to fat cells in order to instruct them to break down into an energy source. If your body produces more epinephrine, then it means your body will lose more weight. The ingredient also helps in increasing the metabolic rate by 10% which is helpful in burning the body fat even when you are resting.

Caffeine also works brilliantly in keeping you alert. You might have seen many people drink coffee if their mood is off or maybe to control stress or sleep during work hours. This is because the caffeine present in the coffee can keep people awake or alert. Apart from this, caffeine has additional benefits like leaving a significant effect on memory. Research at Johns Hopkins and also in Japan has shown that caffeine can act as a memory booster. In most of the Asian parts of the world, it is observed that parents give coffee to their kids during exam preparations at schools. This, in fact, has shown good results. Especially, when this ingredient is combined with carbohydrates, it is a great way to boost glycogen levels after physical exercise. The ingredient is also used as an enema to detoxify the liver. Some studies have shown that caffeine supplements can induce hair growth for those who are balding or suffering from severe hair fall.

If you take caffeine right after an intense physical workout session, it can significantly reduce your muscle pain by as much as 50%. It also helps greatly in protecting the regular consumer from a range of diseases like Alzheimer's, cataract, cancer etc. It has also been proven that the men who take caffeine regularly have higher levels of semen than the others. The semen was also of better quality. Additionally, there was a lower risk of erectile dysfunction in these man as they aged. For women who suffered from the irritating condition called tinnitus, caffeine also showed some improvement in them. If you are a woman who is suffering from a similar kind of condition, then you should try taking caffeine on a regular basis and you will see the reduce the ringing. It is also extremely helpful in reducing your chances of getting kidney stones. If you take coffee regularly, you can gain a lot of caffeine-related health benefits. However, it is also important to know that the concentration of the caffeine makes a lot of difference. Additionally, some of the benefits were actually derived when caffeine is applied topically to get its benefits directly onto the skin. For example, caffeine can be applied to the scalp to promote hair growth.

One of the side effects of caffeine is that although it helps in losing weight in the initial months, your body will eventually develop tolerance towards this ingredient and you may see no reaction anymore. Increasing the amount of caffeine can be dangerous to health too. It can also affect bowel habits, cause constipation, heartburn, loss of sleep, causes sweats and tremors, and lowered cognition.


Caffeine is an ingredient that most people consume every day without facing any negative side effects. However, it may be effective in burning fat but not for those who are excessively overweight. As long as you consume it in moderate amounts, it is good to go! Do remember to consult your dietician before including it in your regular diet plan though.

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