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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction can be a very embarrassing affliction especially in front of one's partner. It affects many men throughout their lives. You can always consume prescription drugs or take shots but they also come with their own risks of unwanted side effects and heavy price tags. If you choose not to deal with the side effects, then it is better to look at more natural ways to treat or avoid this condition. Erectile dysfunction is popularly known as ED. This condition can affect anyone at any point in life and for many different reasons. Most of the time, it is caused because of bad diet and lack of exercise. It may be a frustrating condition for many people. However, the good news is that it can be treated using many natural methods. You can also avoid this embarrassing phenomenon by taking natural supplements and performing simple exercises. Sometimes, even the physical impairments like heart diseases, obesity, low testosterone diabetes, blood flow problems, hormonal fluctuations and nerve damage can lead to this condition.

There have been psychological issues linked to ED like low self-esteem, history of sexual trauma, and intimacy problems because of the complexity of this condition. Most men’s first inclination is to take a Viagra prescription, not many are informed about the natural and safe remedies to treat ED. Studies and scientific research have also shown that pelvic exercises do not just help a large group of men with ED, but also give erections an improvement like never before. Kegel exercises need to be combined with a good diet and intake of natural remedies in order to cure erectile dysfunction completely. Male enhancement supplements have been proven to show great results and help people achieve satisfied sexual urges.

Kegel Exercises or pelvic floor exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises help men in building bulbocavernosus muscle that is highly responsible for allowing the penis to fill with blood during arousal which causes a healthy erection. The strength of this muscle correlates to one's ability to maintain an erection. The bulbocavernosus pumps out the ejaculate and seminal fluid during ejaculation while allowing stronger ejaculations to take place and resulting in better orgasms. Small quantities of urine will always remain in the urethra after urination. When this happens, the bulbocavernosus will responsibly empty the remaining waste from your urethra. Kegel exercises can also actively help in reducing the urinary or bowel incontinence. It prevents the urine from dribbling post urination.

It can be extremely difficult to attempt in strengthening such an obscure muscle for a person who never took the time to isolate it. In order to find this muscle, you can try to abruptly stop your urine flow during urination. You will feel a muscle being tensed up. This is the bulbocavernosus muscle. There you go! You have successfully performed your first kegel exercise. Not as difficult as you thought it would be, right? Well, now that you have found the muscle, you can perform your kegel exercise regularly in order to maintain erections, ejaculations, and empty your urethra. Ideally, the best way to start this exercise is by trying to hold the squeeze of your closed urethra for 5 seconds. Do this for 10-20 repetitions and for 3 times a day. It is absolutely fine if you are not able to do this workout to its full extent today. Eventually, you will get there.

After a while, you will start noticing that your holding period has gradually increased along with your ability to perform more repetitions at ease. You can also try isolating this muscle in different positions. This will extraordinarily help in fetching great benefits and rewards to boost your erection. You can try performing the same exercise while sitting down, standing straight, laying down straight on your back, laying down with your legs in the air, and many other positions you can think would help you isolate the bulbocavernosus in different ways.

More tips for more benefits!

  • Breathing throughout your holds will help enhance the muscle strength.
  • While trying to isolate the bulbocavernosus muscle, do not use other muscles to facilitate the hold.
  • Keep alternating between short and long squeezes to make the exercise extra powerful.
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