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Zinc: The Benefits and Side Effects

Zinc is an essential part of daily diet and it helps you remain healthy in the best way possible. Zinc, when consumed regularly, even in minimal amounts, can make a big difference to your body health. It effectively promotes the production of testosterone in men and this unknown beneficial property of Zinc is the most important information that we are going to discuss today. Zinc is an element that works in various in the human body and it is also considered to be equally important in the healthy growth of plants and animals alike. It supports numerous cellular processes. This natural element that should be taken by everyone in about 2-3 grams at any one time of the day to remain healthy. However, since it plays a vital role in male fertility, it is extremely important to be present in the male body. In order to have a normal sperm count, males include zinc in their diet either through natural organic food diet or through supplements. It is also highly responsible for protecting the prostate gland. It actively stops the prostate glands from enlargement because such enlargement can ultimately lead to prostate cancer and other prostate complications.


Researches have shown that taking certain amounts of zinc was particularly beneficial in men because of its male-friendly beneficial properties that are rarely associated with other elements. Men who took 4 mg to 24 mg every 2 hours showed a lowered risk of getting colds and the ones who took up to 150 mg showed improved immune function. Finally, the ones who took 220 mg of zinc every day had reduced sexual dysfunction with better quality sperm. With new diet plans and the addition of junk food, men started seeing increased infertility levels lately. A very significant finding for men today is Zinc. Because it not only affects the testosterone but it also affects other malefactors like increasing the muscle mass. Zinc can easily boost muscle mass and ease out the suffering of zinc deficiency in men while helping them in overall bodybuilding.

There are many symptoms that you can observe that would eventually result in zinc deficiency or you may already be suffering from zinc deficiency. If your sense of taste is altered, you may be suffering from zinc deficiency. For instance, you may not be able to taste the salt and sugar at normal levels. In this case, you will end up consuming more sodium than usual leading health issues. If you are getting frequent diarrhea, then it is definitely linked to food poisoning which is a sign of low immunity and zinc deficiency. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue or low energy levels, this could be considered as low levels of libido which is a very good sign of lack of adequate zinc in the body. If your memory gets worse and you get confused with several numbers or events very frequently, then it means that the deficiency has increased and your immunity has been compromised. You may also have a problem focusing on one particular thing at a time and keep getting diverted. These attention deficit disorder symptoms are very much related to zinc reduction. It may also be difficult for you to heal the wounds for a very long time which is again a sign of low levels zinc because zinc possesses extraordinary natural healing powers. You will also hear frequent ringing noise in your ears.When this happens it is advised to add zinc in your daily diet without fail.

Zinc helps in improving the vision. It also helps greatly in promoting the hair growth, skin, and nails. A good appetite and proper growth in kids and teenagers is a sign of good amounts of zinc in the diet. It also helps in alleviating menstrual symptoms in women and young girls. If you do not consider taking zinc supplements, then you could take some of the foods that are highly rich in zinc content. Intaking these foods regularly will boost your body health instantly. Red meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy products, cereals, leafy vegetables, and few others

Side effects

The side effects of an overdose of zinc include gastric discomfort, irritated gut, and frequent headaches accompanied by mild drowsiness. High amounts of zinc intake over a long time can interfere with the body’s absorption of other vital minerals, such as copper. This, in turn, suppresses the immune system and impairs blood cell formation.

Other less serious and short-term side effects may include loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and vomiting. If any such symptoms occur, it should happen within 3 to 10 hours of taking the supplement. However, this will go away as soon as you stop the supplements.

Final word

Even though zinc might have these minor drawbacks, we have known for years that it is good for health. So, take it regularly, in the recommended dosage, and there should be no cause of concern.