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Low Testosterone Causes in Men

As we all know testosterone is an essential hormone found in all vertebrates. It is secreted by the male testicles from the androgen group. However, in rare cases, female ovaries are also released. The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing the testosterone as well. Testosterone is also extremely important to men because it plays a critical role while developing the male reproductive tissues. The prostate is grown in relation to the levels of testosterone in the body. It contributes to the development and growth of other parts of the body too. It ensures the muscle growth, promotes the growth of pubic hair, and adds to the bone mass. Testosterone is a significant element that impacts the male sex drive in men.

The causes of low testosterone in men are usually known as Low T. This is a condition in which age plays a vital role. This condition is called as hypogonadism and several factors like poor diet can also cause this condition. As you grow older, the levels of testosterone will keep lowering while leading to several health issues and low sex drive. Tumors of the pituitary gland can also be one of the reasons to lower the testosterone. Testicle infections or injury, an increase in body fat, and aging are the major factors that promote this horrible condition in men.

Overweight is also one of the primary reasons to have low testosterone levels. The excess fat in the body will break down the testosterone levels in the body fat cells leading to a deficiency. This breakdown can convert testosterone into estrogen. Diabetes is also another reason that can lead to hypogonadism in men. Men who suffer from diabetes are closely related to or having the high risk of containing very low testosterone levels in their bodies. The compromised glucose levels of cholesterol can harm cells in the testicles. The damaged cells will thus no longer function properly or produce the adequate testosterone required for the human body. Hence, hypogonadism sets in.

However, there are many natural ways of increasing the Testosterone Levels without surgeries or major treatments. These natural ways are so simple and easy to follow. Most importantly, you will have to lose weight to reduce the fat content in your body that is majorly responsible for lowering the testosterone levels. If you are struggling with Low T, you can limit the amount of sugar intake every day by slowly eliminating the foods that are rich in sugar. You can also cut down on taking starches and refined carbohydrates. This process will effectively make you lose weight. While avoiding these foods, it is also necessary for you to ensure that any other food containing artificial sweeteners and soda are also eliminated from your daily diet.

Exercising is one of the best ways to stay fit as well as fight many ailments and disorders. You could enroll in a fitness program in conjunction with sporadic fasting. This will be extremely effective in lowering the fat content which is responsible for blocking the release of testosterone levels. Intermittent fasting also helps significantly in reducing age-related testosterone concerns. Fasting helps in eliminating the testosterone decline and boosting the hormones that increase the testosterone production.

Consuming Zinc-Rich Foods is extremely vital in order to boost the production of testosterone hormone. You can see the results in just six months of taking zinc-rich foods every day. There are also supplements that are available in order to supply enough zinc to your body. Some of the foods that are rich in zinc are also good at supplying protein and nutrition to your body. Foods like yogurt, raw cheese and kefir are high in zinc and protein. It is also recommended that you do not over-cook any food as this will drastically reduce the zinc content in the food items.

Vitamin D is proven to develop healthy sperm nucleus that is known to increase the levels of testosterone. The most effective and cheapest way to increasing vitamin D content in your body is by basking in the sun. Increased Intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids can also lead to higher testosterone levels. BCAAs are mostly available in supplement form. However, you can still get them from dairy products.

Reducing your stress is one of the best ways to control the release of cortisol which majorly blocks the testosterone effects. Chronic stress can lead to prolonged blockage of testosterone effects on so many levels.