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Niacin Health Benefits | Niacin Fat Burner Ingredient Review

A handful of studies have shown that Niacin can raise HDL cholesterol which is considered to be a good cholesterol and simultaneously drop the triglycerides levels in the human body. Typically, when you raise the level of good substances and lower the bad ones in a body, they overall health tends to improve. This is pretty logical. While achieving these results involved loading up on Niacin, this is not an ingredient that you would take in small doses every day. Instead, you take it in large and mass amount as whatever your doctor recommends by examining on your body type. This is when things can get a little complicated.

As you know, a staple of many fat burning ingredients is Niacin. This ingredient is in the B vitamin family and some sources have even referred to it as vitamin B3. To create further more confusion, Niacin is also known as Niacinamide, nicotinic acid, and Inositol Hexaniacinate. The benefits of Niacin are strongly and directly linked to the improved cardiovascular health. However, negative side effects can occur when Niacin is taken in extremely larger dosing levels against your doctor's advice. Some research has even supported this ingredient for being able to be used in treating cholesterol levels. Niacin is water-soluble and it occurs naturally in a variety of organ meats, mushrooms, and fishes.

We all know that Vitamin B3 is used by a few individuals in order to improve elevated cholesterol. By doing this, Niacin has been considered as a contributor to the heart health improvement and cardiovascular health. First of all, if you are one of those people who has ever been loaded up with Niacin, then you would have noticed a warm and flush feeling overcome your skin. This is usually described as body warming up and then it almost gets hot thereafter. This situation can seem like fun and scary at the same time. However, Niacin has come up with some mild negative side effects like stomach issues. Rarely, there are also reports of liver damage. It is recommended that you always have a chat with your family or personal Doctor before taking any supplement.

Niacin is known to improve mood and keep a person positive and happy. One of its most impressive benefits is that it has even treated depression in some cases. It has also contributed towards healing or reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have shown that notably increased levels of Niacin can lower the frequency of Alzheimer’s. However, there is no proof that an increased dose of Niacin supplementation will help in this case. The results from the studies have occurred due to naturally produced Niacin.

If you are one of those people who are Niacin deficient, then your skin may tend to burn easier. A good solution for this would be to simply add Niacin supplementation in your diet and it can help ease your burning sensation and sun-related symptoms. Niacin has also been reported to help people who are suffering from motion sickness. Use of papaya tablets has helped immensely in relieving the severe cases of motion sickness. Niacin can also act as a stimulant in the science of fat burning. It does an excellent job of converting food to energy in your body. If your body fails to convert food that you intake into energy which should normally happen, then typically it would lead to less energy exerted than taken. This is how the body takes on more fat. To achieve the end goal of less fat, you may need supplements. Even though Niacin does a good job as a supportive ingredient, most supplements could do without it and stand on the strength of the core fat burning ingredients alone.


People have reported a disruption in the stomach lining after taking Niacin and thereby causing gastrointestinal distress. Niacin has also reportedly caused liver issues in some people. It has also caused flushing which is a red, blotchy, warm skin occurrence. This usually happens on the face and other parts of the body. However, it typically goes away in an hour or so. Niacin as a fat burner ingredient is not very popular because of its side effects. If you hate flushing, then you may not want to consider this ingredient.

If you are trying to lose weight then consider adding niacin to your list of supplements. It helps your body convert food to energy. However, it is also an appetite stimulant. Therefore, avoid getting too much of it. This B-complex vitamin, is considered essential because it is soluble in water and your body does not store excess amounts of it.

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