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L-Carnitine Weight Loss and Fat Burning | Is it Effective… Safe?

One of the most common ingredients found in a lot of weight loss and pre-workout supplements is L-carnitine. This is an Amino Acid which has been known to improve the overall metabolism. It also reduces fatigue and depression by promoting faster and safer weight loss system. However, it is also important to consider all the facts and figures by separating the hype from the science and see if L-carnitine really works. We will also explore any possible side effects it may possess.

One of the popular reasons for weight-loss supplements to incorporate L-carnitine is based on its indigenous function in the body. L-carnitine is considered to be a form of amino acid which has the ability to move fat into specialized areas of the cell and thereby creating energy in the body. L-carnitine is known to be a slightly modified amino acid. It is normally produced in the liver that plays a vital role in building protein block in the body. Nevertheless, studies have revealed that this ingredient does not necessarily form any protein in the human body. The primary purpose of this ingredient is to move the stored fats into special parts of the human cell where they will be burned and converted into energy. These cells are called mitochondria. Based on this amazing function performed by L-carnitine, it has been termed as an effective solution in causing weight loss. It is considered as one of the key ingredients in fat burners for the very same reason. However, L-carnitine supplements are simply considered as natural products and they are all designed to stimulate L-carnitine production with the only goal to promote effective fat burning and ultimate weight loss.

Better metabolism causes better fat burning and stimulating an optimum level of L-carnitine production will lead to better metabolism. Also, this natural physiological process will not interfere with any of the normal functions performed by the body. This has additionally made the ingredient safe and effective in yet another way. For most people who desire to reshape their bodies, L-carnitine supplements have provided great results. It has even been subjected to a wide range of clinical tests. The results from these tests have been quite promising to say. The ingredient has a number of great benefits to mention and here, we will try to cover an overview of as many as possible.

L-carnitine has detoxing properties. Some studies have claimed that this amino acid is responsible for potentially removing harmful by-products that are caused by burning of fatty acids. Through this, a human body can go a long way in reducing the chances of cell damage. Additionally, acetyl L-carnitine fat loss is a completely natural supplement. It facilitates the body to burn fat on its own. So, on the contrary to the popular misconceptions, L-carnitine may not actually be burning fat per say, it is only acting as a stimulant which can allow the human body to improve its fat burning capacity.

As we already discussed, L-carnitine is usually responsible for moving the stored fat to the Mitochondria. This, in turn, helps in burning the fat into fatty acids that are used up by the body for the production of energy. This is why the effective fat burning supplements on the market come with better levels of L-carnitine content in them. In the human body, it is easier to burn fat faster and easier by significantly increasing the energy levels through supplements. People who used L-carnitine supplements regularly in right doses also observed improvement in their energy levels and a remarkable drop in fatigue. They also reported improved metabolism as L-carnitine is known to serve as a crucial element in the overall improvement of metabolism in the body. This, in turn, leads to fat burning and high energy levels.

Although there have been side effects reported, it is also important to mention that moderate intake of L-carnitine results in very mild shortcomings. Some of the major negative side effects have been an increase in Blood Pressure, sleeping inconvenience, and loss of appetite. However, it can be categorically stated that these side effects are only visible if the users consumed an overdose of the supplement.


One of the best methods to include L-carnitine in your diet is to take two to three doses of it with other fat burning ingredients. Skip any snacks or food between your major meals and take one dose with a post workout meal.

For people looking for a natural and an effective proven way to lose fat, the effectiveness of L-carnitine with respect to weight loss is immense. Besides, the supplement being associated with mild and manageable side effects, L-carnitine is the best bet for weight loss and fat burning.

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