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What is the Best Fat Burner?

A lot of people focus mostly on reducing the belly fat because it kind of gives a disproportionate appearance to the body. This can cause a lot of discomforts while sitting or working out. If you are one of those people who is looking for fat burners especially to cut down on the stubborn belly fat, then we have excellent news for you. After many years of observation and experimentation of new developments in the industry of fat burning supplements and pills, we could arrive at the discovery of the top stomach fat burners in existence today. BurnerTEK, PhenQ, and Instant Knockout are our findings. These supplements come with amazing ingredients and boosters. The best part is that they have zero or minimal side effects if taken in the right dosages.

While buying a fat burner, you definitely would want to look at the ingredients as the most important consideration. Although this seems like an obvious statement, it is the truth! However, the problem is that most people do not know what to look for. It takes a lot of efforts and tons of research before understanding the nutrition label and this is the very reason most people choose to skip this part. In order to save you the time and trouble, we have done the research part for you. The most effective clinically proven fat burning ingredients mentioned in this article are the things that you may want to keep an eye out for while searching for a fat burner. Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Caffeine, Glucomannan, Calcium Carbonate, and Citrus Aurantium are the key ingredients that play a vital role in burning the body fat. However, we do not claim that these are the only effective ingredients, but they are definitely a handful of the most popular. These natural fat burning ingredients have the most scientific evidence in their background. Many studies have proven that each one of these ingredients is effective enough to break down the fat and dissolve it.

All the top fat burners contain at least one of the key ingredients mentioned above. BurnerTEK contains 12 clinically proven effective ingredients and carries an overall potency of 2,000 MG per serving. This is by far the best on the market today. Instant Knockout is officially considered as a fat burner powerhouse which contains multiple ingredients like Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Glucomannan, Caffeine, and other excellent ingredients known for triggering thermogenesis such as Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper Extract. The product also contains Chromium Picolinate and Zinc which are considered to be the two popular micronutrients known for burning the fat. PhenQ is very close to Instant Knockout for being popular and highly effective. It contains Calcium Carbonate as a key ingredient and approximately 150 mgs of Caffeine and L-Carnitine with other proven fat-burning ingredients like Chromium Picolinate, Capsicum, and Piperine. It also comes with a special proprietary blend called Lacy’s Reset which is a proven winner for fat-burning. PhenQ combines mild appetite suppressants, fat-burning thermogenesis, and fat blockers to provide energy to your body to help you stay active in the gym.

Zantrex 3 is another decent fat-burner that contains an excellent formula with 13 fat burning ingredients in it. Unfortunately, these ingredients are all listed in the dreaded “Proprietary Blend” format. This is what made it impossible for us to know how much of each ingredient is in the formula. Clenbuterol comes 4th on our list for containing 150 milligrams of Garcinia Cambogia per serving, 150 milligrams of Citrus Aurantium per serving, and 114 milligrams of Guarana Extract per serving. Since these ingredients are considered to be the fat burners on their own, Clenbuterol can come off as a three-in-one fat burning supplement. But the bad news is that there are only four total ingredients in the product that are known for their ability to specifically target stored fat. However, we would like to point out that the total amount per serving of Clenbuterol is just over 400 mg while comparing to Instant Knockout which is close to 1,700 mg.


This list has been compiled by taking into account customer reviews, ingredients, and effectiveness. Fat burners work as supplements and they will deliver their complete results only when combined with a healthy diet plan and a good workout routine. You should always follow proper weight loss strategies such as adhering to a strict diet and exercise routine. If you depend only on fat burner intake, you might be only wasting your time and may become very disappointed with the fact that there are minimal results despite regular intake and spending of money.

Hopefully, at the very least, we believe that this article has helped you get an idea of what makes a fat burner good and the right way to determine the best one.

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