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Alpha GPC Benefits And Side Effects

Alpha GPC, also known as Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, is a choline-containing phospholipid isolated from soy. This compound enhances the cognitive function while increasing the strength of the body and stimulating the release of growth hormone. It contains a lipid tail which is known to permit the uptake and incorporation into neuronal cell membranes. This membrane-bound choline molecule will then supply the necessary compounds for acetylcholine neurotransmitter synthesis and rate limiting. Cholinergic neurotransmission is the cornerstone for memory formation and it is found within the central and peripheral nervous system and also takes place in a specialized brain region known as the hippocampus.

Studies have suggested that the administration of aGPC can improve memory performance and help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed. The subjects in the clinical experimentation were induced with temporary amnesia by injecting a potent drug called scopolamine. A few of them were then given the placebo and the others, AGPC. The subjects with AGPC supplementation showed reduced scopolamine-induced memory impairments when they were measured by performance on memory and attention tasks. Ever since then, AGPC became a focus of research on age-related memory decline and memory dysfunction in humans.

This compound has also shown a potential benefit in improving the athletic performance. A single dose of AGPC can result in a substantial change in growth hormone release within one hour in young humans. The growth hormone levels acute increased by 290% in next 60 minutes, from the baseline hormone level. It returned to baseline by the second hour. The growth hormone’s actions of increasing fatty acid oxidation. The increase in circulating choline may briefly block the negative feedback mechanism governing GH release.

Short supplementation period can improve strength in college-aged athletes directly. A significant increase of 3% improvement in lower body strength has been observed with aGPC supplementation. The cumulative evidence from many studies supports the role of aGPC as a well-tolerated cognitive enhancing compound with ergogenic properties. This soy lecithin isolate contains a phospholipid. This phospholipid permits incorporation into neuronal cell membranes and utilization as a cholinergic neurotransmitter precursor.

AGPC also increases the circulation of choline levels which causes a transient elevation in growth hormone. Even a short period of supplementation can promote muscle strength. A standard dosage of alpha-GPC is considered to be 300-600 mg. However, for the usage of alpha-GPC in attenuating symptoms of cognitive decline, the dosage can go up to 1,200 mg per day, divided into three doses of 400 mg. For nootropic stack use, the recommended dosage would be of 300-600 mg to start with and gradually increase for more benefits.

Although Alpha GPC is both safe and well tolerated in healthy adults, mild side effects have been reported occasionally by people who might have clubbed this compound with other drugs or have consumed more than the recommended dosages. The individuals have experienced headaches, fatigue, nervousness, nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal distress, dizziness and low blood pressure. If you are prone to hypotension, it is best to consult a medical practitioner before taking Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC’s effects on pregnant women are quite severe and therefore, it advised that the pregnant or nursing women refrain from the use of this compound. In addition to being a potent nootropic in its right, Alpha GPC is also a perfect addition to supplements like the racetams that depend on a sufficiency of choline in order to achieve optimal results. It can also stimulate the production of HGH that is directly responsible for improving the strength of your body and shorten the recovery time following exertion. It also encourages the building of lean muscle mass while making it an invaluable supplement for athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle. If you are interested in improving your memory, physical strength, and vitality, in order to achieve the best results with nootropic supplements, then Alpha GPC can be an excellent choice for you.

Overall, the compound helps in supporting brain health, boosting cognition, and increasing the number of neurotransmitters in synapses. Also known as choline alfoscerate, Alpha GPC is a choline supplement that can work harmoniously with other compounds in supporting the brain health. It is widely regarded as a great choline supplement. Due to its water-soluble property and fast acting nature, it is very commonly found in many nootropic stack recipes, and brands of nootropic supplements.

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